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Thumbs down Qatar Airways - Terrible Customer Service

I foolishly believed all the hype on the Skytrax website and chose to fly with Qatar from Singapore to Paris in June 2012. Turned out to be more like the worst airline I have ever dealt with.

What I discovered is that they are simply corporate sharks after the dollar. They have absolutely no customer service skills nor a desire to truly assist their customers.

My husband and I missed our flight from Singapore to Paris and it was completely our fault. This had never happened to us before and since our flight was leaving at 02:20 in the morning I simply made an error with the date. That being said, it was the way Qatar's Singapore office staff dealt with the situation at the time and then later the way that the Qatar Customer Relations Department dealt with my subsequent complaint upon returning to Sydney that I take issue with.

As you can imagine, my husband and I were completely distraught about missing our flight. This had created a domino effect which meant that our hotel booking in Paris was lost as was our connecting flight the following morning, etc. We had been planning and saving for this trip for quite a while and this was not a good start.

The Singaporian customer service rep at Qatar's office was cold and indifferent. She showed absolutely no compassion whatsoever. She was not the least bit interested in our predicament. She advised us that because we missed the first leg of our flight then our return flight was also cancelled and then proceeded to tell us that it would cost us an additional $5,000+ Singapore dollars to get onto the next flight. We pleaded with her to speak to the Manager and see if she could come to the party in some way and waive the cost or even reduce it because this was going to blow our budget. She spoke to the Manager who turned out to be just as indifferent and we were told that nothing could be done - take it or leave it. We had no choice and so we had to pay.

There were also other issues as follows:

1. The 'so called' Business class lounge at Terminal 3 in Singapore was a joke. Qatar Airways shared the SATS business class lounge and I don't know how they can, in all good conscience, call it a business class lounge. It was a dump. Absolutely horrible and there was nothing to eat!

2. I am allergic to crustaceans and although I told the stewards this when they came to take my meal order, the first thing I was given was a crab croquette. The outcome could have been devastating for me.

3. We encountered constant problems with their on-line check-in system that simply didn't work. It neither opened on time nor did it recognise our booking reference numbers nor our ticket numbers.

My husband and I sent various emails to the complaints department whilst we were still overseas advising them about the problems we had experienced with their on-line check-in system. We also noted that every Qatar employee we spoke to either in person or over the phone in France, Germany and Singapore all said that the on-line check-in system doesn't open early enough and doesn't work properly and that they are constantly receiving complaints about it. Regardless of this, each response we received from Qatar Airways basically said that their on-line check-in system was not experiencing any problems at the time and worked just fine.

On our return we also sent them an email to the Customer Relations Department listing all the problems we had encountered and although we shouldn't really have been surprised by their response we still were. It was totally useless and meaningless. They were simple towing the party line, not wanting to take any responsibility or provide any real satisfaction. They even had the gaul to end their email sincerely apologising for the inconvenience caused and they hoped that this would not deter us from using their services again in the future. They have to be kidding. Neither I nor any of my employees will ever set foot on this airline again!
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So you were so STUPID as to book a flight for the wrong dates and so STUPID as to admit to everyone that you screwed up? Now everyone should pat you on the back and give you things for free?!? You're an idiot. You got your trip wrong. Deal with it.
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And you are a rude and ignorant imbecile dc2class!
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Default Wheres my money!!!!

I am so frustrated at the level of customer service I have received from Qatar Airlines.

I had a flight booked from Bali to London at Christmas time. My father took seriously ill and we were all advised to come home. As I live in Perth the thought of flying to Bali and London in the state I was in was not a good idea and because you can’t cancel one leg of the journey I had to cancel my whole flight. I was advised to obtain a letter from the bank because the credit card I bought the ticket with had been cancelled and I had a new card and to take this letter into the Qatar Perth offices. I did this straight away because I was flying to Scotland 2 days later.

At no point when I was in the offices was I told that I had to also sign a letter authorising Qatar Airlines to debit my account and left thinking that my refund would be processed as promised and that it could take up to 5 weeks.

I flew home on the 28 November and as you can understand my time was taking up with going to the hospital and waiting to see if my father was going to pull through.

On 17 December I was contacted via email requesting that I submit a bank letter stating that my card number had been changed. I emailed them back straight away and informed them that I had already done this on the 26 November and that the office in Perth had the said letter. I did not hear back from them until 12 January asking me to let me know the name of the person that I forwarded the letter to. I emailed them straight away and informed them of the name of the person I left the form with. I emailed them on the 14 January and told them that my situation about my father and that I was finding the situation at home quite stressful and could they please sort out my refund as soon as possible. They replied to me on 25 January informing me that they have no trace of the letter and could I ring the Perth office to find out where the letter is or could I produce a new letter, or have the money transferred to the old card and then I can sort it out with the Bank. This is a ridiculous solution as the money would just bounce back to them. Furthermore not even an acknowledgment of my father’s health and the fact that I am totally stressed out with my current situation.

I am in Scotland I can not produce a new letter and I am certainly not going to ring the Perth office from Scotland to be put on hold for 30mins while I get transferred to the appropriate department. I email them again on the 31 January when I get back telling them that I am totally unhappy with their customer service and forwarded them another letter from my bank along with an authorisation letter for them to credit my account. I was then emailed back on 5 February informing me that my refund had been authorised and that the money will be credited to my account between 7 to 14 days.

I did not receive the money and I emailed them back on then 26 February informing them that I had not been credited. I received an email on the 26 February acknowledging my email then nothing. I emailed again on the 6 March asking if there was an update, nothing I emailed again on 14 March. They responded saying they were looking into the situation and for me to be patient. Well that sent my blood boiling they are holding onto $1540 of my money they don’t bother to reply to my emails for weeks on end and I have to be patient. Furthermore they keep addressing me as Mr when I am Ms I pointed this out to them which they addressed me as Mr again and then in the opening sentence apoloigised for addressing me wrong, unbelievable.

The eventually emailed me back on the 15 March informing me that the refund had been processed and that it can take up to 14 days for me to receive this money. I am still waiting we will see if it is received within the 14 days or not. The most frustrating thing is when I phoned the Perth office they can not help me it has to be through the email support centre. Surely once your first email is answered you are then assigned to someone so they can look after you and not constantly sitting in a queue of emails waiting to be randomly answered. This is appalling customer care at the highest level and I am totally frustrated and annoyed at their lack attitude towards refunding your money. I had to cancel other flights on the same day and without hesitation I was refunded my money within a few days. Its now 11 March 15 weeks after I cancelled my ticket and all I keep getting told is be patient. SERIOUSLY Why has it taken them so long to refund my money? Argghhhhhhhh
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Thumbs down Classy contribution

That's a classy and helpful contribution "dc2las" (August 13 2012). Sorry I was so late in spotting it. You're not American by any chance? Ah, thought so ... the "I'm loud and I know best" attitude kind of oozes out the joints.
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