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Default Emirates restraint!!

Fantastic family holiday in Dubai with wife and two young children, it was apparent a fellow passenger was extremely drunk. He was a big guy and was more than happy to tell people he was a soldier returning from Iraq and he kills people. Very intimidating and scary when at 40,000 feet. A few of us passengers discussed amongst ourselves that if he kicked off, we woudl have to restrain him. On speaking to the stewards they said they would require my help if it came to it. This was all very scary and my adrenalin was pumping. Worst scenario happened and he started hitting the wall of the plane and must have invaded the space of a steward which meant the steward had to try to restrain, i immediately leapt up and rushed down to the situation, i stood behind the guys seat as the seat was empty (former passenger had moved away) and braced the guys head (head lock) , on saying to him to calm down as hes scaring the kids, he replied " i dont care, ill ****ing kill you". Nice, this hopefully shows you what sort of person this was. Eventually he was restrained into his seat, he remained in his seat for teh remainder of the journey which he was sick in and wet himself. He was arrested when we arrived at Heathrow. For the whole journey, i was watching this guy closely to ensure he didnt escape, he was struggling the whole way. My complaint to Emirates is that they were serving him multiple drinks, he was smashed, they kept throwing vodka at him. This could have been very nasty and was a very intimidating guy. Have i heard from them with an apology and a thank you? not a thing. They should limit peoples consumption of alcohol. My kids should not have to have seen this, its the sort of thing that could give a long lasting fear of flying!
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