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Old Apr 14, 2007, 4:25 AM
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We boarded flight #619 in East Lansing (MI ) on Monday, Feb 26...The flight was full...We sat on the tarmac for an hour with 'various' announcements from the cockpit...Finally, they 'pinpointed' the problem...There was a 'mechanical' difficulty and the 'part' that would remedy this was not available.

" Please leave the plane and reclaim your luggage and go to counter for new booking arrangements" ...OK ??? The whole planeload tried to find the 'line' that would take them to their 'helpful' attendant...After two and a half hours this traveler got to the desk...( this, after having moved with the other 'cast-offs' from one bay to the the 'whims' of the befuddled attendants...) An informed 'manager'...a megaphone...poster board signs...??? Consenses of 'standees' was that ANYONE in that line could have facilitated an organized 'regrouping'...It was the PERFECT scenario for a video of :HOW NOT TO MANAGE A "CRISIS" SITUATION...
Feb 27...a day later...Same flight...After standing in the appointed line...Oh. !! " folks from canceled flight 619 cannot get boarding passes in THIS line...Please go to the next line... " ( This, as minutes are ticking away for a 7:40 departure ) Another line...another wait...Bags re-ticketed...boarding pass in hand...Security reached...Security passed ( albeit with wand and wait..artificial knees as usual alerting the alarm...) Gate approached with attendant waving his 'Come hither...Come faster...! ( There were many more after us...) Yes...the plane was delayed because of the returning 'deplanees' from the previous morning... So we got to MSP late...Monitors inform us that bags are on carousel #6...NOTHING there..."INFO' says...Oh that has been transferred to #2...WE go to #2...Sign says 'bags are now to arrive on # 6...Nothing there...Info..."Perhaps we can talk to the person who unloaded these bags...he is now loading another will be awhile..." And the 'awhile' revealed that the bags were on the floor behind #3..." We have been informed to keep the carousels clear.." hour and a half after landing , we got our bags on the floor behind #3 and we 'snagged' our ride that had been circling the airport for the last hour...[ OH... but we got a $35 voucher ( in East Lansing ... We asked for 'something') for any flight over $200 ...] And this was all for a 'quick' 80 minute trip to Michigan to surprise a brother on a 70th birthday...It was a SURPRISE...that is certain...
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