COMPLAINT: Sri lankan airlines - food poisoning

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Old Oct 26, 2015, 11:36 AM
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I am writing to warn passengers to stay away from this airline after our experience. We flew from Colombo to Hong Kong on Saturday Oct 3, which was a 7:20am departure and we arrived back in Hong Kong at 7pm. At around 3am Sunday morning my youngest daughter started violently vomiting and could not stop or even take water. By 11am the next day she was in hospital on an IV to stop her dehydrating. That afternoon at around 4pm, after complaining of feeling queasy all day my oldest daughter suddenly started to violently vomit too. She seemed okay for a while, however by 3pm Monday she had taken a turn for the worse and was admitted to hospital with severe fever and dehydration as she was unable to eat or drink at all. Meanwhile, although I only threw up once early Sunday morning I was bedridden with debilitating stomach cramps. We were all diagnosed with severe food poisoning!

The ONLY food or drink that all 3 of us had in common was that which we consumed on Sri Lankan Airlines. In fact, in the 35 hours prior to my youngest daughter vomiting we had eaten and drank NOTHING but the airline food. We've never felt or been so ill in our lives! It was absolutely horrible and we ended up spending thousands of HK dollars on hospital care and medication. In fact I am CERTAIN that we were ill due to the water served to us on the plane as we all were very thirsty and all 3 of us drank lots of the water that was served from a jug, NOT SEALED in a container as water always is on every other flight I've taken in the last few years and I fly a lot!

I contacted the airline numerous times without response to tell them what had happened. Almost 3 weeks later they finally responded and just brushed me off telling me that my "alleged" illness was from another source. No apology, no compassion and no concern at all for the welfare of their passengers!! I'm no fool and to tell me it must be from another source was pure insult to injury!! I went back and not only looked at the timeline but the food we'd eaten even in the two days prior to departing. However, the ONLY food and drink we all had in common was the flight. Yes, of course it's impossible to prove without a water sample and I'm sure the airline knows this, hence they don't give a damn!

Their lack of concern is a total disgrace and I shudder to think what could have happened had my children been younger or had weaker immune systems. As it was, I've never seen both my kids so sick! I'm beyond furious!

So please don't use this airline, they won't care one bit about your health and safety. If they don't care about putting their customers in hospital then they surely won't care about anything else!!
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