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COMPLAINT: Horrible experience with EY

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Old Apr 27, 2017, 1:19 PM
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I would like to update you about the horrible experience that I had during my last travel to Amsterdam from Bangalore.
I traveled with my family (wife and daughter). So we had 3 check-in bags and 3 cabin bags. The total weight of the 3 check-in bags were 75 kgs. Went to airport and stood in the queue. When our turn came, EY staff told me that weight is more, need to reduce it. So I was asked to move out of the counter and come back again. I took out few items and reduced 5 kg weight. Came back to the counter. Then they said that the weight of each suitcase should be less than 23 kgs. In my case, One suitcase was bigger and another was smaller. I was asked to take out extra luggage from suitcase which was having more weight than 23 kgs. I was left with another 45 mins for the flight. Again I took out some more items and throwed it to bins. Even though I had reached airport two and half hours before, I was left with very less time at that stage because of this.
My next surprise was that they asked me to check the weight of cabin baggage. Each suitcase was 9 kgs. One of the suitcase which was carried in the domestic flights as a cabin bag was not matching their specifications. They asked me to take out that bag as well. So, I had to throw that suitcase and the content of that suitcase. Then they asked me to reduce the weight in other two bags. Even though the total weight of these two bags was less than 21kg (7 x 3), we were asked to reduce the weight of each suitcase below 7 kg. Meanwhile, the question asked by them stunned me. Are you going to board the flight or not ? This question created tension in us. At that point of time, we felt like we are going to miss the flight as we were left with half an hour. Due to this tension, we ended up throwing lot of things(formal dresses, shoes,etc) from the cabin bag. They didn't even had a courtesy at us to give suggestions or to help us. They were talking as if we have done a big blunder and we will not be allowed to board the flight even if it is 1 gm more than the stipulated weight.
They didn't even leave the laptop bags. Whatever the extra items that were there in the laptop bag had to be thrown.

One suitcase including full of items were thrown.

Finally, they gave the boarding pass and asked to rush. One of the staff member accompanied us and hurried us till the security scan. My wife and daughter went in woman's track for the security check. Once they came out of the security check they were pressurized to run towards the gate. In this tension, my daughter forgot to collect the bag having credit cards, mobile, cash and other stuff after the security check. When I came out of the security check, I was also rushed to the gate.

When we boarded the flight, there was no space to keep the cabin bags. Finally, they took out some items and kept the cabin bags in the shelves. But, there was space to keep the laptop bags. We were asked to keep it below the seats. If they have followed the rules perfectly then why such space crunch is there ?

This was a horrible experience that I ever had in my life. The tension that they created is still going around in my mind. I have decided that I am not going to fly Etihad airlines again.
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