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Etihad Airways Complaints>Wrong info on Baggages delivery - EY150
satheesh4321 1:21 PM Aug 12, 2017
The Etihad associates at the Chicago ORD check - in counter didn't understand the ticket itinerary at all.
Description of the travel: My dad has returned from Chicago to Chennai[India] and has transited via Abu Dhabi. The ticket booking agency has added an unwanted domestic ticket for travel from Chennai[India] to Mumbai[India] to use one day after the original travel return from Chicago to Chennai[India].

Mistake:- We were told that the Checkin baggage needs to be collected at Mumbai and not at Chennai[Chennai is the our destination]. As per my understanding the Port of Entry immigration checkin will happen at Chennai[India] being the first port to enter any country and we need to collect the baggages at Chennai and do check-in again for any other domestic travel[in case if we travel futher], however the airlines has asked us to collect the bags only at the mumbai airport and mentioned that it will not available at Chennai belt.

Issue:Even after explaining the first port of entry, immigration check and about the unwanted domestic ticket Etihad checkin counter associates were not ready to listen and asked us to change the itinerary with the help of the booking agent at the 11th hour.

Workaround: In the interest of not missing the flight and the wheel chair assistance, My dad has traveled without the check-in baggage which was packed with Chocolates, toys, and dresses for other grandkids.

Note: The associates\airlines has asked me to work with the ticket booking agency on any changes\issues and not ready to assist. My mom is traveling next month with the same type of itinerary and chances to go through the same issue once again.

Regards, Unhappy Customer
Tags:baggages, wrong info on boarding
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