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Etihad Airways Complaints>My baggage has been lost for a year and no action had been taken yet
Najwa 3:09 PM May 12, 2017
Okay, I usually don't do complaints, especially on the internet, but my frustration left me no choice, I just want to vent and share my terrible experience, my baggage has been missing for a year now, of course I did everything I was supposed to do, file an oral and written complaint and I did everything from my side, I have without exaggeration called them over 80 times (of course they wouldn't pick up 50% of the time) each time having to explain my situation over and over, then we switched to sending emails back and forth trying to get that almost useless compensation (600 usd) which only covers the cost of the bag and just one item inside the bag. And yet, still, till day they won't even give me that? Now they are ignoring my emails! I mean what do I have to do for that company to give me what's rightfully mine? Do I just post this complaint to every known website out there to be heard?
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