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Default Baggage Destroyed

My friend and I flew from Nashville, TN to Burbank, CA on July 3, 2008 to meet his new Grandaughter. After a lovely time with this beautiful bundle of joy, we left Burbank, CA on July 7, 2008 headed back to good ole Tennessee. We had a stop in Dallas. A couple of hours lay over which was no biggie. We go to a lounge where we met a lot of nice people to chat with. Ok, time to board! We arrive in Nashville around 9:30 p.m. By the way, my friend the SMART one took his baggage on board. Of course, a lady has to take all that extra with her so, me, the not so smart one, checked my baggage. So, we are standing there and well, where in the world is MY luggage?!? Everybody had come and gone and we just look at each other like "what the heck". We go to this offce to get some info. They tell us is we would like to wait a couple of hours that my luggage might come on the next flight in from Dallas. Well, ok we are three hours from home and its beginning to get late but I need my luggage there are things in there I need to get ready for work the next day. After the wait still no luggage. Back to the office we go and we were told they would contact me and would deliver my luggage to my door as soon as they could locate it. In bed at 5:00 a.m. and at work at 8:00 a.m. FUN!!! Thank goodness my daughter is home for the summer, I could use some of her things for work. So, Tuesday was a day if someone had of asked me my name not so sure I could have told them! I was on the phone all day Monday and Tuesday pressing "ONE" "TWO", etc. What happened to HUMANS? On Wednesday I get a call from Dallas Airport. A man told me he was holding a zip lock bag with my prescription meds in it. He saw my name on the bottles, got on the computer and saw where I had filed a claim. He also told me he found a bottle of hair spray and a pair of shorts. I just sat there waiting for more but that was it! That is all that was found of my luggage. A conver belt had COMPLETELY destoryed everything else?!? WHAT? He puts my three items in a little box and puts it on the next plane to Nashville. Nashville calls me that night and says that they have my little box. They are going to send it to me and I would have it on Friday. I have already had to go and get my medicine refilled by the way. On Thursday night I receive yet another call from Nashville telling me they were terribly sorry but someone had failed to put tape on my box and it would be Monday before I would receive it. I am finally get unglued! I get a call on Friday from this lady that seems to be finally helping me telling me NO I would have my box on Saturday. At 8:00 Saturday night I call and say, no box! Where the heck is it? Of course I'm talking to a machine. Sunday I get a call with a tracking number. FOR ME TO GET ON THE INTERNET AND TRACK IT MYSELF! I finally recieved my "little" box on Monday. Guess what, it got lost too! Do I have good luck or what?

That is the story. I have to get receipts of everything I had in this bag which the bag itself cost over $100.00. Then they tell me they are going to depreciate all my things. Oh and they will NOT replace my digital camera or the electric razor that was in my bag. They don't replace anything that is electronic. WHY????? I tried to call and talk to someone in American Airlines in the Customer Relations department and do you know that they don't have a telephone number? Yep, that is right this HUGE Airline has no telephone number in that department. I ened up finding a number but you CAN NOT talk to anyone! I could contact them via internet but with only 1500 words and with every number such as flight number, baggage ticket number and my claim number. So, I have learned a valuable lesson, take your luggage on board with you!!!! I am waiting for one more receipt to come in and I will be ready to fax everything in to them. I am wondering now how long it will take them to reimburse me?

Anyway, I thought ya'll might get a kick out of this story. I ended up with my medicine, a can of hair spray with grease all over it, a pair of shorts with grease all over them and the strap to my luggage.
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Horrible situation, but one thing I would recommend to any, and ALL passengers;

Anytime you travel, always bring a carry on with you, that contains any electronic devices, medication, money, credit cards, keys, drivers license, at least one pair of clothes, and anything valuable, or that you may need. Luggage does get "lost/delayed" sometimes, and there are a few occassions (although rare) that a bag may become damaged, or destroyed. The only thing you should keep in your checked luggage is clothes.

As for the tracking number. UPS and FedEx give out tracking numbers for people to track their packages. Same thing. Give you a number so you can track it online, and see where it is, when it will arrive, etc., instead of having to call, and talk to a machine constantly. Seems like they were helping you out, there.

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