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Exclamation New luggage set destroyed!

Our first time flying northwest we flew from DTW to LAS and back. Christmas of 2007 my fiance' and I had recieved a new luggage set for our Las Vegas wedding in August of 2008. When we had arrived back in DTW from our week vacation out west we were in disbelief to see our luggage had been destroyed. The plastic peice on the inside of my luggage was split right in half and stuck outward into the packing space of the luggage. There is no way to fix it and you can visually see both from the inside and outside.

My husbands bag the plastic on the inside was busted in tiny little pieces all over his clothing and we had to unpack everything and dump it out of the suitcase which filled the entire bottom of our wastebasket.

When going through security we had a carry on item which was searched and when going threw the items I had a crown from the wedding which was bent and broke.

I understand that these people are doing a job, and these things are not their belongings but I can only hope when they fly that someone else is as wreckless with their items as they were with ours. Maybe then they'd get the hint to take a little extra effort and be more careful.

I called for days with NWA and complained but they told me there was nothing they could do. That I could drive to DTW and fill out a form which DTW is 90 miles from my home. They also told me it was past 24hrs, so I was in a nutshell out of luck!

If you fly NWA I wouldn't check your luggage in!
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most airlines want you to fill out a report for damaged bags or missing luggage before leaving the airport or within 24 hours. on nwa.com it says just that
Domestic: Passengers who have traveled on a domestic itinerary must file a damage to property or checked luggage report within 24 hours of arrival at airport location where travel was completed.

The you stated. "When going through security we had a carry on item which was searched and when going threw the items I had a crown from the wedding which was bent and broke", that was tsa. you would have to file a complaint through them and not nwa. nwa had nothing to do with your crown.

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