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Old Sep 21, 2009, 2:12 PM
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Is the worst airline in Europe. Delta mgmt. wishes they were not partners.
My bags went missing in June for 6 days. I obtained an ok to purchase essentials at a $ cost of 160, additionally one of two bags damaged to the point of non use, for an additional $60. For a total of $220.
I submitted all receipts and recieved (on 9-19) a letter saying a check for $80 would be sent. I responded with an e mail saying this was unacceptable.
If you use any USA airline, go to Rome or Milan DO NOT use Alitalia within Italy, there are other choices.
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Old Sep 26, 2009, 1:06 PM
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Don't you have a small claims court?
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Old Sep 29, 2009, 2:31 AM
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If this is true, why did you fly with them?
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Old Apr 6, 2011, 4:03 AM
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Unfortunately, you can’t sue Alitalia in a small claims court. They are registered in New York and New York doesn’t require International Corporation to hire an agent. Therefore, you can’t take them to small claims court.
I have tried that and I was turned down.
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Old May 7, 2011, 6:40 PM
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Elizabeth manager,
Elizabeth since nobody can talk like humans directly to your airline I will try to explain again. When my mother was admitted to the hospital things had to move fast. I called to change the flight ready to pay the fee but the woman was very nice and waived it on her own. The resevation was made for a early flight the very next day. I told them to call before boarding and none came but I toght that was a good sign. A hour later i was called collect [ the first of many to come. ] that his name was not on the flight they knew nothing. The flight was the same except for the day ITALY TO MIAMI THEN ON TO TAMPA. I called and the manager I talked to the day before was not there but I was promised a call back. None came. Now I knew as you would have what i was dealing with. I called a few times more and was finally connected with her. She explained that later on that evening someone higher than her disallowed the resavation due to them not charging the extra fee that I was ready to pay. They then cancelled the two resavations and heres the problem. NO ONE WAS TOLD. They had checked out of hotel and room was already given away due to some concert. they paid when they left so they did not have a credit card for another and rates doubled. I was very upset that one simple call was not made. Well more to come. OK I am still ready to pay but Now I am to0ld they can only come home with the same connection that they reserved even though there was plenty of room on the ITALY TO NY TO TAMPA. REMEMBER MY MOM IS STILL DYING and im trying to handle this too. The next problem was the next italy to miami to tampa flight was in two days OOOPPPS it has been cancelled. So days later with western union money tranfers long distace bills over a thousand dollars his girl breaking up with him he also got a ticket for screaming in the italy airport. It is wierd how people hang on to life until they say goodbye. My mom passed the night after he got home. This was because of one phone call that you did not make and one plane you would not let them take because of your computer. But as we learned you are not a people airline. no phone calls allowed. Can you tell me who could or would make up a story like this. And youi think its about a 200 dollar fee. Thats why you should talk to people. I am learning though the blogs and tweets what i can do to make this horrable thing you did to us known. I am learning and for now have the time and as you see from all the letters will not stop till as many people that will listern to my story. Maybe I will learn Italian, at least to write it. I know I will not hurt your airline but if I could spare anyone even one the misary and the bills it is worth it. I have hope that talking to a new person that you will understand its not about me paying e stupid fee. I had the visa in my hand. One phone call that would have been it but now i know that you do not get phones to use. WITH HOPE====STEPHEN LANG
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Old May 7, 2011, 6:43 PM
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Also no phone number to talk to management in the whole airline except for one that hangs up on the caller.
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