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Default Delta going down the drain !!!

I had done reservations for my complete family for flight from SJC to PHL via SLC on the 3rd of April departing at 1:00 PM PST on Flight # 4088. I reached the airport well in time before departure and checked in my Baggage and got the Boarding Passes. I was at the gate 10 - 12 mins before departure time. A Delta representative just closed the door on my face. There was no announcement made on either of the names for Me or for my Wife and when I asked the representative on why the anouncement / roll call wasnt done, the reply that I get back and I quote "It is not a compulsory action to take, and we do not need to anounce any names"). Apart from that they also tell me, they have given my seats away because the flight was over booked and there were people waiting since long. All I asked them was that since I have the boarding pass and I am at the gate before the take off time, why did you guys give my seats away without even my concern. You all could check if the boarding card is given to the customer or not and based on that make a decision to give away the seats. However the lady at the gate was not willing to even talk and said that she will be free in another 10 - 15 mins once the flight takes off and only then get back to me.
I was stranded over there and they made me pay another 100 USD to get tickets for the next flight, since this flight was missed for no fault of mine. Even after paying 100 USD for the next flight I had to wait for 7 hours at the LAX airport. I had a flight departing LAX at 12:55 am and reaching ATL at 8:05 am and the connecting flight to PHL departing at 8:35 am and reaching PHL at 10:40 am. I went on to argue that if I am paying the money atleast give me a proper flight, but no other options were given and when I told them, that they expected me to run on ATL airport from one gate (probably one terminal) to another and make it in the 30 mins, they were like OK we will double book you on the flight from Atlanta which departs at @ 10:40am. When I asked them so you all want me to wait for 7 hours in LAX catch a red eye and wait in Atlanta for another 3 hours, the reply that I get is .. either that or nothing.
I even asked the representative to get me on a flight on the next day or with some other partner carrier or via other airports like SFO or OAK, the answer was we cannot help it and they were just trying to blame it on me, because I did not reach the gate 15 mins prior to departure and instead reached the Gates 12 mins prior to Departure. They were not ready to accept any faults of no announcements being done or not even bothering to check out if the customer is present at the airport and if there is any other urgent needs that the customer might have. The only reason for the 3 min differential was that my wife had to use the restroom for the infant that we were travelling with. All said and done we board the flight leaving SJC at 4:50 PM. Finally the flights in LAX got delayed and I missed the connecting flight at 8:35 am and 10:40 flight at ATL got delayed and I reached PHL at @ 2:30 PM. I missed the whole day's work meetings and it took me 24 hours to reach PHL airport from the time I had reached SJC airport.
Apart from the Ticketing Mess that we had to go through, Delta representatives were the only ones on all the airports that I travelled during this trip, that would not let us board the flight ahead in line though we had an infant in arms and we might need some extra time to board the flight.
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Delta cares about nobody!!

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