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Old Mar 16, 2007, 2:07 AM
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Default First class ticket, Economy class more Delta

My boyfriend and I cashed in 120,000 sky miles (60,000 each) to fly First class to our dream Hawaii vacation. On the flight I noticed my video, headphones, seat light, and all other amenities were not working at all. I called for the flight attendant and was ignored twice (about 40 minutes). I finally got the senior attendant to look at my seat and she came to the conclusion it was completely down. Meaning darkness was my only option (no movie, light, music, games, etc).

Our service was also horrendous. One drink was offered and that was before take-off. Dinner which was steak and pototoes (nice type of meal) was literally refrigerator cold, left-over style. Many people complained about this and there was not response given. We arrived in Hawaii, but it was not 1st class service and the Delta agents agreed and told me to write a letter to Delta Corporate Care for a possible compensation.

I sent a letter, fax, email, and made many phone calls to chase Delta for a response. Delta finally responded after 4 1/2 months with a compensation of 12,000 sky miles. That to me was a slap in the face. We spent 120,000 sky miles, where does 12,000 come close? 30,000 is needed to go anywhere round trip. I sent a rebuttal letter and continued to chase them down on responses to that and was told thanks but that's all we can do.

I responded to an email from Gail one stating I was not happy with the compensation and that I would like to know who above the corporate care I could take this issue to. Gail called me (YES CAN YOU BELIEVE A TRUE PHONE CALL) and stated I was lucky to be given that. The staff on that flight went beyond the call of duty and that I should be happy as 5,000 sky miles are normally what is ever given.

I responded stating this was a first class flight and it was their equipment that avoided me from enjoying the extras and their service from enjoying the flight. Gail then responded, "Would you like me to take the miles back". That to me was enough of dealing with Delta.

I understand airlines have problems, but I've spent good money with them to have racked up those miles and I would have appreciated at least 30,000 to be that much closer to saving up to another 1st class flight. Not only was the service going to Hawaii so awful, I truly don't understand why a customer who has a complaint needs to chase you down to get a response.

I would recommend for anyone to fly Continental over Delta any day. My mother had a delay of 3 hours, made one phone call and was given two $150. vouchers to use on future ticket purchases. One phone call, no letters and was compensated immediately. Simply amazing the differences in the companies. This has not been the only problem I've had with Delta, but I will say it will be the last. I will do whatever it takes not to use them for future travel plans.
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Default Compensation seems fair. "No slap in the face."

12,000 miles seems fair, you did after all get to your destination. You want enough for a free round-trip ticket? Airlines aren't charity cases. You claim you spent "good money" to rack up those miles, but you fail to state that you received the services paid for by spending the "good money".
Old Jun 26, 2009, 7:02 PM
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Default Oh you poor soul...

Haven't you realized that the days of REAL fist class service have been LONG gone since the 60's. I think your mile were more tha adequate. I lost money and miles with this airline...I will GLADLY take your miles. With the airlines today, you have to take a stance, Do you want to be RIGHT or do you want to be HAPPY!?!? Today's passengers don't really act much like first class passengers either. When I fly and I'm next to a scroungie hippie long haired guy in shorts and in Flip flops picking his toes!?!?! C'mon now. I can understand why the decline in service; clientel actions has gone way down. But even so, this type of First Class service has not been offered since the lovely stewardesses of the 60's.

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