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COMPLAINT: JetBlue reservation vanishes

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Old Jun 26, 2013, 2:19 PM
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We made a reservation through Orbitz for New York - West Palm Beach - Tampa - New York. It was booked on 3 separate airlines. JetBlue was the first leg. When we got to the airport we were told that the reservation was "exchanged" and no one could tell us any details except that our reservation on this flight was cancelled.

That morning we had received an email from Orbitz confirming this JetBlue flight. When I called Orbitz from the airport they were unaware of any problem with the reservation. They then said they called JetBlue and confirmed it with them. But the airport checkin counter said there was a problem.

Two days before, I had confirmed the 3 flights to ensure that there was no confusion. Only on the JetBlue website did I have problems seeing the reservation. So I called them to confirm the reservation. The woman confirmed the flight on the telephone and said she did not know why I could not access it online. We then set up frequent flyer accounts and connected the flights to the accounts. We have an email confirming the creation of the account. Strangely enough, the ticket "exchange" was made over one half hour before I called to confirm the flight with JetBlue.

We spent 6-1/2 hours at the airport trying to figure what was happening and trying to get our reservation to West Palm Beach honored. Two JetBlue managers were on the phone to American Airlines (AA ticket stock and the 3rd leg). They told her that United (2nd leg) had the ticket (??). However the reservations phone at United knew nothing about this. From their information, we were supposed to be on JetBlue and their leg of the trip was good. With scant moments to spare, we were told that we were booked on a United flight with a stopover in Charleston. No details. I was on the phone to Orbitz and they said that this was an hour and 40 minute stopover and we would not reach West Palm Beach until midnight (although they knew nothing about this "exchange"). It was unreasonable to arrive at midnight to visit ailing 85-year old parents. We ended up paying for another JetBlue flight taking off at the same time that arrived at 9:15pm (still quite late).

My wife began the trip in good health, but after standing for 6-1/2 hours ended up with a cane and then a wheelchair. This also affected her during our week-long visit and she is now getting physio-therapy for the strain this caused on her back.

Now we are playing ring-around-the-rosie for compensation. Orbitz and JetBlue take no responsibility. United has offered vouchers, but what good are these unless we fly and spend more money on United?
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Old Jun 27, 2013, 6:43 AM
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This is a massive failure by Orbitz. You paid them to get you there and they should have sorted this problem and not left it to you to chase your tail trying to come up with a solution. Having to pay for another flight is outrageous and you should simply file a claim in small claims court. It is a simple process, your costs are low and will be refunded and you will win this case. They were in breach of contract.
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