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Old Nov 16, 2013, 11:23 AM
Captain Aslam Captain Aslam is offline
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Default Denied Boarding at Gate

I am a seasoned traveller & an old ALTP/FAA- ATP license holder.
I was travelling through a small Airport and after cheking-in,entered the Departure Lounge with more than an hour to go for the scheduled departure.The Gate was not mentioned on the Boarding Pass. I checked the 4 Gates at the Airport and none of them showed my Airline name.
I positioned myself in front of Flights Information Display Board which showed against my Airline the Flight No,Destination, Scheduled Departure Time but no Gate No or status.
I heard an annoucement for departure of a flight to destination same as mine & saw passengers lining up at a gate in front of me. I went also but found that it was a different Airline Flight. The Display board showed no change with respect to my flight.
About 17 mins before the scheduled departure I saw the Display board change from local language to English showing "Last Call". I spotted an aircraft parked at a gate behind me and rushed through it to the Tarmac in a minute or two to see the Door of Aircraft about to be closed. But a guard did not allow me to go to the ladder.
I showed my Boarding Pass & said that my luggage is on board. He said it was already off loaded & pointed to it on the tarmac.

The Airline staff blamed me for "missing" the flight & offered no help

As a result my stay perforce was extended & I incurred considerable expenditure on transportation,hotel, food & a new ticket.

I susequently lodged complaint which was also directed to the CEO of the Airlines. Response was received after more than 70 days regretting the incident but offering no compensation.So I have sought Legal recourse..

I shall be grateful to know the following:

1.IATA/ICAO defination of departure time
2.If a passenger is missing / fails to report at the Gate what action is mandated by IATA/ICAO
3.Regulation under which, a passenger if missing, all luggage must be unloaded and each passenger must identify his/her luggage.
4.Rule on time frame by which Airlines must respond to a complaint.
5.How to obtain the actual Official Time of Departure of a flight from an Airport
6.The Airline maintains that "Departure Boards and other airport facilities provided at an airport are the responsibilty of that county's local aviation authority and not that of the airline".Pl confirm that the ultimate responsibilty rest with the airline and quote any ruling on this.

Would appreciate an early response.
Old Nov 17, 2013, 9:37 AM
Eddie Ginley Eddie Ginley is offline
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What happened to the other pax who couldn't find the Boarding Gate and missed the flight?

Old Nov 17, 2013, 10:47 AM
Burgers Burgers is offline
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you possessing a PPL isn't relevant...about as much as me owning CAE stock
1. IATA/ICAO regs are in the public domain but won't help your case
2. Nothing is "mandated" as the organization has no authority in this case
2. DHS. Your bags are screened, on domestic flights they don't get offloaded
4. None
5. What is departure in your mind? Door close, pushback, jetway withdrawl, wheels up?
6. You are 100% wrong. Airlines are tenants.
To your second post ..... the other passenger...accepted he is culpable, sheepishly asked to be rebooked and without charge was on his way a few hours later. Sounds plausible.
Old Nov 17, 2013, 4:31 PM
Der Richter Der Richter is offline
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The way it works is the airplane leaves, not the airport. You can't expect to make your flight if you don't understand this basic fact.
Old Nov 20, 2013, 8:25 AM
Captain Aslam Captain Aslam is offline
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Default Denied Boarding

This is to clarify points raised by Burgers.
I I am not a Private License holder but an Airline Transport Pilot and have operated Executive flights in the USA, Europe and Middle East through major Airports such as FW Dallas, Heathrow,Jeddah etc..So it is very relevant.
2.Most Airline have Ground handling procedures in case a Px is missing at the Boarding such as announcements of his name on public address system at the Airport, Physical check of lounges, off loading baggage etc. I want to know if such procedures are provided in ICAO/IATA regulations.
3 Ground Handling Manuals of some Airlines and Security consideration specially in case of missing transit passengers involve off loading at times all baggage and identification of baggage by the passengers.
4. In case of delayed or lost baggage Airlines are required to respond within 60 days.I was wondering if anyone has come across the time frame for response in other cases.
5. The Official Time of Departure is Chocks Off in case of Commercial Airlines and Take off from runway for military aircraft.
6. I dont quite follow tha anology with Tenant.My Boarding Pass stated to look for the Gate and Departure time on the Display Screen. If the Screen did not display same , the responsibility I reckon ultimately rested with the Airline to ensure the display by the ServiCe Provider ie CAA and to convey the same to me personally by other means.
Old Nov 20, 2013, 12:46 PM
Burgers Burgers is offline
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I am not a Private License holder but an Airline Transport Pilot and have operated Executive flights in the USA, Europe and Middle East through major Airports such as FW Dallas, Heathrow,Jeddah etc..So it is very relevant.

How is the relevant?? If you implying you "know the drill" why are you seeking answers on a internet forum? Seems to me you think you know answers to questions so why are you asking....
Old Nov 20, 2013, 6:48 PM
azstar azstar is offline
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IATA/ICAO apply only to international transportation, so you are out of luck if you are trying to blame someone other than yourself.

"It codifies the principles and techniques of international air navigation and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth. Its headquarters are located in the Quartier International of Montreal, Quebec, Canada."

Regarding airport departure display systems, or FIDS (Flight Information Display System) there are many different companies providing this technology and each airport uses their preferred supplier. I'm afraid you will be out of luck here also. Some systems automatically update flight information based on complementing technology such as ACARS, and others require manual update by the airline at the local station. While the station may itself have updated the info, the system displaying the info on airport screens may not update. Therefore, it's simply a blame game. The airport, airline, and information systems will simply blame each other.

It is hard to imagine a scenario where someone could miss a flight at a 4 gate airport. Couldn't you see the aircraft on the tarmac? Could you not have asked someone working one of those gates? If there were a number of people who missed the flight as a result, you might have an argument. However, if you were the only one who missed it, you will not likely get any sympathy from the airline involved.

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