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Angry poorly designed plane and bad movies

I flew round-trip on the 777 from London to Newark. Is this the worst designed plane ever? You have to go all the way to either the front of the plane or the back of the plane to cross over. I got an aisle seat but the people in the middle of the 5 seats across looked like totally wretched sardines. You also have to lean all over people to get into the overhead bins which are very recessed.

And why bother with the on-demand system when the movies are total, total crap! Going over we had a sequel to Daddy Daycare without any stars and some made for TV type British melodrama. And a couple of kid movies. All total garbage and there were no synopses of those films in the magazine. I guess they were too embarrassed.

Coming back we had Rush Hour 3 which was also god-awful. Not a single laugh. And all the other movies were either 20 years old - Tootsie - or movies you never heard of.
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Are you serious???? This kind of complaint should not even be on here. Here's a concept...read a book, take a nap, write a letter. Better yet, you could have stayed home , gone to a few new movies and sat in comfortable chairs and saved alot of money. Aircrafts are designed for "TRAVEL", not entertainment. Get over yourself.
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I didn't even know where to begin, there are people here with some serious issues with the airline, but this is just petty. What did you think, you'd be getting a 4 star treatment? buy a first class ticket or just stay home.
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So sorry for wasting your time. It just seems like it would be just as easy to have decent movies. If you've flown Virgin on the same route you'd see what a difference it is. I find it difficult to sit for 8 hours reading a book.
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the 777 is one of my favorite aircrafts to fly when i go overseas. I love having my own personal TV. i cant stand when i fly on a 747 and you have to look up to watch a movie, that you have already seen 20 times before. I remember flying virgin atlantic and their movies stunk, but i usually take 2 advil pm and it knocs me out for almost the whole flight.
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Default Why the criticism?

I don't understand why the other posts have jumped all over this poor guy. When American skimps on in-flight entertainment, it makes the airline less competitive in markets where it competes on the basis of service (namely, heavily regulated international routes). The whole point of this website is to give customers a forum to voice their opinions in the hopes that AA will listen and make improvements that will ultimately increase the airline's long-term profitability. So, until the open skies agreement kicks in and AA becomes a low-cost carrier, this guy makes totally valid points about the extraordinarily crappy (by comparison) entertainment currently being offered on long-haul international flights such as his. AA should stop buying reruns of I Love Lucy and the like. I'd like to subject the senior brass to 15 hours of their own in-flight entertainment and see how they like it. And by the way, customers on AA 777s are subjected to the same bad entertainment choices in all cabins. A first class ticket makes no difference.

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