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COMPLAINT: Missing Baggage with Lufthansa

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Old Oct 21, 2018, 8:38 AM
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Our checked baggage missed the flight from Munich to Newark, coming from Majorca to Munich.
We found out they were missed upon arrival in Newark and started a Baggage report (EWRLH67707). Apparently, this report was actually made with the delivery company, who wrote it down as a priority delivery.
From Lufthansa, we were told the baggage would come in the next day, probably about 12:30 Eastern time. We left the airport for the night and checked online the next day. We did not hear from Lufthansa, even after the time given the next day. Checking online we found out that it should be on a later flight, arriving about 3:45pm. We called Lufthansa and confirmed the flight and time and that our baggage was on the flight, which they confirmed.
We checked and the flight was late, coming in at 4:30. We called again to confirm the status. We also checked online with the delivery service. We were told we that the baggage had arrived on this flight and that we would get the baggage that day.
Then we started receiving emails from the delivery service that they had not received the baggage to deliver. Calling Lufthansa, they stated that the delivery service had not picked up the baggage.
We called out this finger-pointing to Lufthansa, which did not have an answer.
Being given a number to call the Lufthansa airport claim center directly produced only a recording and a reference to an 877 number that was not in use and, by changing one digit, was the general baggage claim number for Lufthansa (which we had initially called). This was now about 6pm and neither company appeared to know where the baggage was.
A few emails with the delivery service and frustrated calls to Lufthansa baggage claim resulted in knowing that the baggage had not been picked up and likely Lufthansa had not yet told the delivery service to pick it up. A couple more emails and phone calls around 8pm and we were told that the delivery service picks up every two hours, so if they did not pick up the baggage at 8pm, the next time would be 10pm. This puts delivery to us at least past 11pm and, since more than one set of baggage was being delivered, likely after midnight. There was still no definitive answer as to where our baggage was.
Around 9pm we received text messages from Lufthansa referencing our claim number that our baggage “have been received at their destination.” Phone calls to Lufthansa stating that the baggage had not been delivered resulted in the statement that “delivered to their destination” meant arrived in Newark airport - something that we had been told by Lufthansa back at 5pm.
More emails and phone calls after 10pm resulted in identification that our baggage had been picked up by the delivery service and would be delivered between 3am and 4am early the next morning.
It is now 4:20am and the baggage has not arrived, nor have we received any indication that it would arrive.

We have already missed a wedding rehearsal dinner, waiting to get our baggage, and appear about to have to choose between getting our baggage or missing the wedding.
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Old Oct 21, 2018, 11:30 AM
dgpalmer dgpalmer is offline
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Finally received our baggage at 6:30am from a car that did not look like it would make it much further. Locks on baggage are missing, although nothing in the baggage appears to be missing.
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