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American Airlines Complaints>Cancelled flights both ways and got put on connecting when I paid for direct
aamar 4:16 PM Jun 8, 2017

I chose to give this airline another chance after the first issue I dealt with and let me tell you that was a mistake!

The issue I had on the way to Miami:
I was scheduled to travel direct from YYZ to MIA on Fri. June 02, 2017 at 5:59pm arriving in Miami at 9:18pm flight AA2654.
However, apparently the flight attendant pulled the emergency shoot on the aircraft when it arrived to the airport in Toronto and our flight was cancelled! No one at the gate help me reschedule my flight at the gate and they wouldn't get an agent to take me through security to another terminal for a flight leaving at 6:30pm that night. Now, I had an event in Miami to attended on Friday June 2 so it was not an option to leave for the next day which is what they offered in the end arriving at 1pm. At this point I called American Airlines from the airport and they were able to put me on a connecting flight, YYZ to ORD Flight AA3623 and then ORD to MIA Flight AA2443 which landed in Miami at 12:34am which in the end I completely missed the event I was supposed to attend that night and had to call to do an extremely late check in for my Airbnb.

The issue I had on my way back to Toronto:
My initial flight was also a direct flight MIA to YYZ for Tues June 6 at 9:10pm Flight AA1359. However, when I was in the taxi I noticed the flight for delayed to 11:18pm due to weather conditions, so I told the taxi to turn around. At this point I had no where to go and with all my luggage as I already did my check out at the Airbnb. The flight then got further delayed to 12:04am and then to 12:34am and then out of no where I got an email that I was rebooked on a connecting flight the next day MIA to PHL at 4:05pm Wed. June 7th,2017 flight AA196 then PHL to YYZ at 8:20pm flight AA4505. When I got notified at 9:35 on Tuesday night that my flight was rescheduled i called American Airlines to inquire and they stated that all direct flights were already booked and that they would not be able to put me up in a hotel for the night. I had to contact the Airbnb to see if it was possible to stay for an additional night, which I paid for out of my pocket and I missed a full days of work pay at the office and had to reschedule meetings.

To summarize;

This is absolutely unacceptable and the customer service I received through this process was horrible. I'm expecting a full refund for my flight as I did not get any direct flights either there or back which I paid more for and I paid to stay an extra night at the Airbnb in Miami and missed a day of work in Toronto.

I expect you to look into this issue immediately. I have nothing good to say about this airline and it's very poor customer service.

Avigaelle Amar
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