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Default Extremely rude first class flight attendant

I've been traveling AA for more than 5 years now and I've never had such a bad experience as I had yesterday while flying first class coming from Florida. The flight attendant (his name was ...ton Jhonson - couldn't see the first name entirely because it was covered by the apron he was wearing) decided not to "like" me. First time he came to my row, he asked the lady on my left what she wanted to drink and he completely ignored me, turned his back and left. When he came back, I asked for a glass of orange juice trying to be nice and smiley, thinking that he might have mistakenly skipped me. He didn't even look at me, just nodded his head and the juice never came. The second time he came I told him I was still waiting for that juice, trying to remain calm and polite and he brought it to me but there was no apologizing or any courteous attitude. Later while he was handing the meal tray to the lady next to my sit he hit my forehead with the corner of the tray, and he didn't say a word. For the rest of the flight he never came to ask whether there was something more I wanted. At some point he took the empty orange juice glass not offering to bring me another one or asking me anything. When he brought me the meal tray, he didn't ask me whether I wanted water or wine like he did with everybody else, including the lady on my left. He asked me, though what bread I wanted and I said regular, as I didn't know what types he had, and he gave me cheese bread.
I haven't seen him smiling or being courteous with any of the other passengers, but with me it was more than obvious that he had a problem. I am a nice, polite person, I didn't have a bossy attitude or something so I just can't understand what the heck was all this about.

This unprofessional employee just ruined my day. I don't understand how they keep these people working in public service if they are not able to just appropriately interact with passengers and have no biased attitude. If not even at the first class then where? It was just unbelievable!
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