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Thumbs down No help to assist someone with medical needs

Be careful of flying with Delta if you have any medical conditions. Delta is unwilling to provide a better, more comfortable flying experience for someone with 2 serious medical conditions. Even though window/aisle seats are available for a very long international flight, Delta rudely refused to assign those seats to myself and my husband even though my husband has serious medical conditions. The seats are marked "priority seating" and I would think making a long flight a little more comfortable for someone with medical needs would be a "priority" but apparently Delta could care less. A rude manager barked at me that it's not possible and even though those seats are available - she would not assign us to those seats. She was nasty, rude, and shouldn't have a job as a "customer service manager." She could care less. We've flown with US Airways who immediately accommodated us and even put us in the bulkhead! It's unbelievable that even though the seats are open and available, Delta is unaccommodating, unhelpful and pretty much told us to "deal with it because we don't care." Delta doesn't care about those with medical conditions and doesn't care about making the flying experience a little better and more comfortable for passengers with needs. Horrible airline.
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Its unfortunate you have medical issues, but those seats are available for PURCHASE. Just like a limo is more comfortable than a economy, you wouldn't expect the car dealership to GIVE you a full size luxury car when you bought an economy. Did you ask to pay for the upgrade or just be given the seat?
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Thumbs down

The seats are not for purchase. The are reserved for mileage customers and there is quite a few currently available. What's really bizarre is that Delta had been more than accommodating on a previous flight and even sat us in the exit row - for free. Delta is totally inconsistent with customer service. One trip we get priority seating and another it's a flat out, very rude no! I've never seen a company with such inconsistent customer service. And overall - Delta should be more caring about customers and be more accommodating to make the passenger's experience more comfortable if possible. US Airways and other airlines have been very accommodating - seating us in bulkheads or preferred seats if requested - even though these seats are also marked "priority seating" for these airlines. Delta is inconsistent and doesn't care to go the extra mile to accommodate passengers with needs.
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I am certainly in agreement with xjcaptain. Every day I hear so many passengers with medical issues, and request the better options for free. For example, the man that just had back surgery, really needed first class. He really just needed to pay for first class then. Your medical issues are probably long term, as opposed to just happened an hour ago. Pay for the upgrades to better seating, it's worth it. As for Delta giving you exit row seats, shame on you and Delta. Exit row seating is a serious job, in case of emergency.
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im not a delta fan, rarely fly them unless my company books us on them. however, those seats are available for purchase. i flew delta ord-msp-anc and i had the option to purchase the premier seat...decided not to, not worth the money, there is no extra space, you just get on the plane first and up toward the front. you can also get priority seating by booking one of their more expensive tickets (we found that out on our trip)(we had no idea why we had priority boarding then we overheard, depends on how much your ticket costs). 2 serious medical conditions and they put you in an exit row?? hmmm. hope you werent in wheelchairs and were able to lift a 50+ pound window or open a door in an emergency. if having a window or aisle seat is that important, purchase the seat next time
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It's no surprise that airline employees are sticking up for an airline. If you speak to the millions of others that are NOT airline employees - you'll hear a much different story. Sitting in the exit row wasn't a problem and fulfilling the duties wouldn't have been an issue. It's about customer care, going the extra mile, and being accommodating - when it's clearly possible and easy to do - for some of your customers that could use a little extra help. Again - other airlines such as US Airways are always very accommodating and help get us the most optimal seats whenever possible - even giving us bulkhead seats for long haul international flights. Delta is not customer friendly and it's becoming even more clear by the responses to this thread that even the employees it hires and trains are not customer service oriented. Clearly there are other airlines that actually care about their customers and now that I know exactly where Delta stands I will be able to make a more informed decision about who I decide to fly with.

Anyone who is considering flying with Delta should actual consider flying with US Airways or just about any other airline.
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I'm not defending any airline. No airline provides good customer service. There are, occasionally, individuals who try their best but company policies usually throw obstacles in their way every step. However, there are legitimate and illegitimate complaints. Can you image being an airline employee and hearing a hundred times a day why "I need to sit in an aisle seat because of ...." "I need to sit in the exit..." "I need extra legroom..." "I need to carry extra luggage on board...." Unfortunately, the executives not the average airline employee has made the decision to charge extra for a variety of seats and I'm sure, the employee feels that he is required to charge for them. If you have such severe medical conditions you need to make special arrangements in advance and there is a charge for these services then pay for them. It's that simple.
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im not defending the airline...appearantly your medical condition isnt that severe that if you are able to open a 50+ pound window exit or open a 70+pound door, sitting in a standard seat shouldnt be that big of a deal. Maybe the bulk head/exit row was already taken by a passenger that purchased that seat? you do have that option.
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According to news stories released today - airlines grossed 22.6 billion dollars in ancillary revenues ie. baggage fees, seating fees, priority boarding fees etc.

Delta, no surprise, was near the very top - #2 out of 50 airlines - for charging customers these extra fees to make BILLIONS more. Even though Delta is clearly making billions in extra revenue through these fees, they don't care about a customer they could easily help to make a long haul flight just a little more comfortable.

Everyone who's commented on this thread by saying "just pay the extra fees" must be super rich. For the average american - plane tickets are an already expensive investment and paying 100+ dollars extra to get seats that used to be available to everyone is a very tough thing. Clearly Delta only cares about dollars and cents and has been very successful in charging their way to the top. It's sad that these airline employees are so disconnected from the average person and so focused on towing the company line to make an already filthy rich company, even richer.

I hope none of you ever need a little extra help from someone, some business, or some company. Delta is heartless, compassion-less and with the news today that Delta is #2 for charging their customers these extra fees, it's clear that Delta does whatever it can to rip off their customers and squeeze every last penny from travelers that are already dealing with tough economic situations.
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