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Default Appalling customer service,

Thanks for manking me aware of the page guys via socal media, this is what I have put to american airline via socal media and on Martin Lewis's site with little response. Anything more I can do guys?
An open letter to American airlines. @americanairlines #americanairlines
This was shared with a pic of my daughter

"This is a my little girl Jamie, Jamie is just 6 and thanks to your company’s catalogue of failures and appalling customer service you have made the first flight and holiday she’ll likely remember a nightmare. This little girl collapsed in Charlotte Douglas airport while we were in you and the airports hands and you did nothing!!!
I’m only writing this now as I feel I’m now calm enough near 3 weeks later to do it and I’ve had time to reflect on how bad the experience was and how awfully wrong I feel your company are getting it’s basic customer service.
This nightmare all really start months before we were to fly with you and if I’m honest it should have give us and idea on what was to come. The first leg of our flight was booked on an Iberia airlines badge (your interline agreement) and after using your website and hours on the phone to your call center you couldn’t even sort out the most basic thing, a child sitting with it’s parent, we had to beg at the gate and we had the same nonsense on every flight with you.
We boarded AA725 (IB9072) on 23/06/16 for an 8.10 flight but due to an engine problem before push back we were forced to sit on the plane at Dublin int. for an additional 3 hours. This caused us to miss our connecting flight AA581 to Orlando Fl. This is were the major falling happened, your staff for some very odd reason process with surnames as apposed to booked ref you supply. When rebooking the connection flight because my partner and I are not married(different surnames) she was booked on a flight with her parents and sister and because there was no room on that flight for myself and my 6&8 year old daughters so we were put on standby but basically told there was an excellent chance we’d get on that flight (12th on the list we later found). We were also booked on the next /last flight. After delay ,after delay ,moved gates you finally cancelled the last flight as your captain was over his hours and you couldn’t find a replacement. This was approx. 12am at night (EDT) these children had now been on the move for over 24 hours. While waiting in a queue for your frankly appalling staff to tell/show us our options Jamie just collapsed in a heap, It took me a couple of minutes to bring her around, both Jamie and her sister were crying, both totally exhausted. I shouted on staff to help me, no one did. At that point I just went to the desk, give them the old boarding pass and told them to sort flights for tomorrow, I wasn’t standing in line, Jamie was obviously ill. I went and took them to a hotel asap. She was just exhausted and fine in the morning (lucky for your company).
I honestly find it astonishing that in this day and age the people you help first, are the first in line, what about young children, elderly or disabled, should they not get help first and dare I say flight priority? In all fairness you only seem to care about those who hold your credit card or silly clubs.
I think as a company that prides itself in being the biggest you have miles and miles to go to be the best.
You really need to consider, mystery shoppers and hidden bosses.
During my very unpleasant stay with yourselves I observed
• Racism from your staff, a Hispanic gentleman wanted a friend to translate on his cell phone as he couldn’t speak English, being told by a member of your staff he shouldn’t have come if he couldn’t speak English!
• There is a culture in your company to pass the buck, no one and I mean no one takes ownership in order to problem solve or help customers.
• Your staff need taught, to explain what’s happening to customers , 3 or 4 times staff just walked of from queuing customers.
• Massive process knowledge gaps, ask 2 people the same thing I guarantee you wont get the same answer. Try this please.
• Either your systems are very, very difficult or lots of your staff can’t use them, as basic stuff takes ages compared to other airlines. Your staff seem to just stare blank at a screen and do things generally as slow as possible, where’s the get up and go?
• Basic knowledge gaps, at 1 desk I witnessed a 5 min wait for 1 of your posh card holders because the girl at the deck didn’t know the 2 “digit” code for Great Britain , the 2 letter code is obviously GB, I near suffered the same but I know Ireland is IE.
• And the most annoying thing for me over the whole experience apart from our treatment and what you did to Jamie. Some of your staff don’t have the manners to work in a restroom or a mine. Please teach them their manners guys, as their parents obviously haven’t taken the time to do it."
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