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Default AA Agents @LaGuardia ....

The following letter was written to American Airlines two weeks ago. To this date, there hasn't been any reply.
__________________________________________________ _________________
Sir / Madame :

When I arrived home from LaGuardia Airport this morning, I couldn't help but
recall the email ( below ) that American Airlines sent to me.

Using my Advantage miles, I booked my parents for a trip to Toronto, Canada. This
morning my husband and I drove them to LaGuardia to drop them off and to check them in. Just to make sure they were comfortable, I waited in line for an agent to check them in instead of using the self-check in which I usually do if I travel myself.
Your line wasn't long, just slow. When we got to the front of the line, we waited
and waited for an agent to ask us to come forward. We realized for some reason one
of your agents was switching from one terminal to another, and then another. I realized at the time that some of your machines might not be working, so we continued to wait. When that same agent finally asked us to come forward, I didn't think she was focusing on us as she barely took our documents, nor did she look up my parents' flights. She continued to jump from computer to computer and typed
and typed and typed into one computer, all the while rebooting several computers
at the same time. After perhaps 15 minutes or so with my parents' documents
on one of her counters, I asked her what was going on because she wasn't keeping
us informed with all the jumping around, with us standing behind the counter staring
at her. She finally told me it was a computer problem. She even rudely commented
to another agent who happened to pass by that " nothing works around here ".
And turned around and told me that " it was not her fault ". It wasn't
her fault that the machines didn't function, but IT WAS her problem. She owed
the problem ( computer issue ) by not resolving it or addressing it with someone
when she called upon us into her responsibility. Of course that wasn't her frame
of mind. My husband was waiting for me in the parking garage with our dogs, so I
picked up my blackberry and told him we were at the agent counter but didn't
know if we were being serviced or ignored. Of course my husband couldn't help

We continued to wait while I told her that my parents' flight was in less than
an hour. Although I knew there was enough time to go through security and go the
gate, we just didn't understand why we were not told anything while all the
people who were in line behind us got serviced and were long gone. I finally asked
her again what was going on. She rudely stated that "she didn't have to
check us in ". I mentally said to myself, yes, you do, that's your job,
and here we go again, another great AA customer service moment. I then asked if
there is another agent who could help us. She ignored me so I asked for her name.
She reluctantly said " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " and then consciously
flipped over her ID cards so that the back of the IDs faced us, thus blocking her
name. I stared at her blankly. She then ran around with our documents in her hands
and again said we could speak to her manager, and again informed us that she "
was not required to check us in ". She ran from one side of the floor to the other side, and whispered something to another agent. Now this agent wore a visible ID badge which showed his name as " Fredi " or " Fred ". I asked if he could please check us in. He looked at me with his eyes wide open after " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " whispered something to him. He didn't even know me at all, or did I interact with him, but he immediately was rude to me and asked me in so many words why would he want to check us in. His attitude was indescribable. Is this how your agents carry themselves these days? Without knowing the entire story he appeared to take the side of the other agent thus disregarding the basic customer service. I believe that these days in the name of " security ", your agents on the ground and in the air have been abusing their so called " authorities ". They could in an instance blow up in customers' faces
without causes. This is such a shame.

My old blackberry " passed away " after the most recent business trip. It was 4.5 years old, so I had to get a new blackberry this past week. Well, as with your customer service, I too had to wait five full days to get a new blackberry. This said, kindly take note that I only had this blackberry for less than one day, and therefore still do not know many of its functionalities or options. One of your luggage handlers whispered to " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " that I was taking a picture of her with the blackberry. " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " then immediately flipped out. She yelled for ALL to hear " I can sue you. I can sue you. " She grabbed my blackberry and said she was calling the police. In fact she went to the back and looked for a supervisor.

Of course " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " went on and on disregarding the fact that everyone was staring at her and at us. Why would she make such a scene? In the name of " security " again, your agents were ganging up on us. I tried to explain to her and to her supervisor that I just got the blackberry and that I didn't even know how to get to the camera, let alone taking a picture. I knew how to get to basic emails and had to spend time to use all the other options. Eventually the manager " Vincente " or " Vincent " came forward. He listened to what " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " had to say, but
never asked me to tell him anything, let alone the incident. I then spoke up and told him my parents had to go since they had a flight to catch. So he asked " Fredi " or " Fred " to check them in meanwhile checking over my blackberry which " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " had grabbed. . I wasn't comfortable with was the fact that " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " continued to carry on and threatened to sue me or call the police. " Vincente " or " Vincent " was calm however, and from his demeanor, he was trying to diffuse the situation without getting the intensity from " Sylvia " or " Cynthina ". I also repeatedly offered " Vincente " or " Vincent " to call my husband who could verify that I just got this new blackberry less than 24 hours ago. " Vincente " or " Vincent " repeatedly said it wasn't necessary. In addition, emails of the past five days between myself, my assistant and our technology department could confirm this fact.

Meanwhile customers were piling up, but " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " continued in her frenzy that exceeded sense and decency. Is this how her 15 or 25 years of experience ( in one of her screaming matches, she revealed that she had been doing " this " for 15 or 25 years ) amounted to? I was a little surprise that with such length of service, she displayed such incivility. She abused her responsibility over us. Disregarding basic courtesy and just angrily flipping out at customers as she pleased? And to pull other agent such as " Fredi " or " Fred " in without cause and influencing the judgment
of others? I am also very discouraged by " Fredi " or " Fred " since he took sides and was also rude to me from the very beginning. He didn't even know of me!

At the point when " Vincente " or " Vincent " asked " Fredi " or " Fred " to check my parents in, " Fredi " or " Fred " asked me how many bags we would be checking. I responded none. He didn't answer me. Yet after a few minutes, he asked the same question again. I replied firmly " I already told you there will be no bags. ". Just with that, " Fredi " or " Fred " dropped what he was doing, opened his eyes wide and sternly scolded me " What did you say? What did you say? " I looked straight at him and ignored his uncalled for attitude and replied "no bag ". Is this ALL your agent could do? Picking fights and scolding customers just because they think they could? Just because they could. So they did what they did? Unbelievable!

As my husband later said after I told him what happened when I got back to the car,
the situation was totally out of hand, and exploited further by " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " and " Fredi " or " Fred ". The fact that I asked for " Sylvia's " or " Cynthina's " name
got her to the point where she knew she would be reported. That was the turning
point where her professionalism was out the window and where she started to scream
and said I was the one who was rude and that she would call upon the police and
such. Her voice was louder and louder with each minutes passed while " Vincente
" or " Vincent " continued to check my blackberry for pictures. Of course this was an amusement scene for all to see. How embarrassing was it for my parents, let alone for me? Do you teach your employees to have any simple civility at all?

This event is indescribable. It left me totally speechless and wondering how American
Airlines will ever improve its relationship with its customers while boosting performance. We were being served the unbelievable by the indifferent. The only one who was committed to diffuse the situation was " Vincente " or " Vincent ". Eventually
" Vincente " or " Vincent " gave me back my brand new blackberry. And I am going to spare you all the chronological details of what transpired in between.

How could your agents be so dismissive with customers? How could they scream and
carry on without listening to customers, and thereby making me and my parents a
spectacle to all which were present? Again, was it because I am of an Asian descent?
Because I can guarantee you that if my husband, who is white, was by my side, "
Sylvia " or " Cynthina " and " Fredi " or " Fred " would have been more focused on their jobs at hand. Perhaps this email or letter will turn into a fruitless venture as well, but I want to let you know that I thank AA for ruining my day and my parents' trip. These antics and the display of borderline insanity by your agents was simply unbelievable and unconscionable. And to do anything, including insulting other people, just because of our heritage was a real departure from basic civility. Without even a slight consideration for others, both agents were blissfully unaware of how and when they trampled on other people's protocols and identities.

You are American Airlines. And your agents, " Sylvia " or " Cynthina " and " Fredi " or " Fred " have just brought your customer service to a new low in the opinion of myself and my husband, and undoubtedly everyone else who witnessed this event. This event created a terrible potential liability for your airline. And from the email below, you " wholeheartedly appreciate our loyalty ", and that you " remain committed to earning our business each and every day "? How did this awfully experience translate into what " your appreciation " and " commitment to earn our business each and every day "? I am totally disgusted by this experience.
__________________________________________________ _________________

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