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Angry Horrible Airline

I have to fly Horizon/Alaska every week down to LA for work, and as far as my luggage, they generally are ok, despite the small prop plane that has such tiny overhead compartments I have to check at the jet-way.

Last week, my bags didn't make it to my home airport, which is really hard I guess since it's a few hundred miles away. They however, did make it to CANADA and were delivered a day late to me.

This was all fine until I opened my bag to see that in one pocket where I throw my loose change and odd stuff, the change was gone.

I'm not talking about a few dimes here and there, I'm talking about literally $40 in Quarters, dimes and other change, and someone stole it.

These people are stupid.
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Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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why would you check money? and $40 in quarters is loose change??
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Default Re: Checking Money

Why would I check money? Is that a serious question?

Look people, here's the deal. I don't "check money" what I do is I end up with some change at the end of each week. I don't like carrying a pocket full of change so I throw it in my luggage, just like I have done for over 100,000 miles of traveling in the last 10 months.

I don't want to spend one second longer in security by putting a bunch of change in a bucket, which holds people like me up so I put it in the luggage compartment.

Is it my fault it is in there, and that I rarely take it out? Of course it is, but do you think that is free license for just anybody to take it out? Didn't think so.

Look, it's my mistake assuming that TSA or some greedy Canadian would be cool and not steal my money, and I can live with that, but why can't I bitch about it too without putting up with you on top of it?

Nobody every took the money in there before, now they have and now I am mad, end of story for me, but you have to try and be funny be asking me why I would check money?

Do you understand basic concepts? Do you get that after all of this time, I just may throw the change in there, and forget it's there and as long as I don't have a pocket full of it, I don't concern myself with it?

Do you understand that when someone steals my money, it makes no difference that I shouldn't leave it in my bag, because people shouldn't be STEALING MY GODDAMN MONEY! Do you get these concepts at all?

Don't come here and talk as if I said that I put $20,000 in unmarked bills in my luggage and I am shocked that someone would steal it. I have a compartment with a bunch of change, and a bunch of other misc. stuff, and some ******* decided to give him or herself a tip that day.

If you put money in your pocket, and you grab something in that pocket and some of your money falls out and I pick it up and put it in my pocket what happens? Am I the ******* for not telling you that you dropped some money, or are YOU the ******* for not paying attention.

Don't answer, because the answer is that I would be the ******* for not giving it back. Now, I understand this scenario is not the same as mine, but to make a point of the big picture which in this case is STEALING, you see that I am not mad because I am stupid, I am mad because it's bad enough that my bag is tossed around with no regard, and someone stealing money is not cool.

As far as "loose change" yes, I do consider $40 loose change. That's not because I am rich, it's because it's money that I forget about, and it is in the form of quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies, so it is loose!

If I pull out 2, $20 bills do you think I consider that loose change? Of course I don't, so don't take one remark and make it out to be what you want it to be!

This is not some song that is open to interpretation, it is a comment posted by someone who flies a lot, and there is only one meaning here.

That meaning is that no matter what you or anyone else thinks, my money is MINE no matter where I put it, so when some ******* steals it, I am by nature going to be irritated.

Argue your point all day if you want, you won't change my mind, but I understand your need to feel superior over me by thinking that your comment about me will make me feel like some kind of idiot.

You people just flat out do not get life, and simple concepts such as "The big picture" because you can't see past the words...it's unreal really.
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First common sense should tell you, especially a frequent traveler, to never check money, even loose change, in your check bag. I understand that the money is your money, but that's what happens and now it's someone else's money. This is a lesson learned. Next time toss it all in a carry-on.
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Default Silent Bob

Thanks Silent Bob,
I have no problem admitting I should have cleaned out the change, in fact I meant to, but forgot and you are right..I did pay the price.

I came here to rant about something, which is what this site was basically created for I assume, and I get people calling me 12 years old..

Look, I was dumb, and I wanted to vent about it. I did learn a lesson, and your post is fine with me...it's the other people who have to feel superior by telling me how stupid I am that makes my blood boil, and ultimately leads to me hating flying even more.

Anyway, I'll just spend my money from now on.

Take it easy.
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Also, be aware that Alaska/Horizon do not handle the luggage. Once it's on the luggage belt, it is never touched again by an airline employee. An outfit called Menzies does all the baggage handling for Alaska/Horizon. They, and TSA are the only ones to see your luggage until it pops out of the carousel.
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Actually I made this whole story up. I felt lonely after going 30 years in life without being called names, so I made up a story and posted it in what appears to be some extention of craigs list, so that people could make fun of how much of an "******" I am.

******, by the way is a Seattle term. I don't know what it means, because it is from Seattle, and people from seattle are generally the dumbest people on the planet, so they just make up random words for insults, as they quickly run out of racial or homosexual type remarks, so they invented "******" to show their superior intelekt.

Thank you all for participating in my experiment on the study of the human brain. Now I can conclude that for the most part, the human brain is missing in most people walking the planet today.

Once again, thank you all for your participation, if my book sells I will send you all a check for your great insight.

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