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Default Turkish Airlines

I booked my flight with Turkish Airlines. I asked them to give me a permission to travel with my cat, as I need to get back to my own country. I chose exact dates as I have an important trip right after my arrival. Turkish Airlines refused to take my cat with me inside the plane. I asked them to provide a space inside the luggage store. They refused again. I called to Istambul and asked them to help as I can not leave my pet in the strange country (a cat is a member of my family for several years). They said that there are two small dogs inside the cabine and one is in the luggage space, and they can not let me in with cat. I asked them to help me to solve it, as my cat will be sleeping with pills, and dogs are small, every animal in the cage. Their answer was "NO". I asked if they can move dogs to the luggage store if they do not want to mix cats and dogs. Noone can help me again. Moreover, they were rude, unpatient! I didn't even imagine people who work for an international airline company can talk this way - rude, gross, threatening way of speaking. I couldn't change my dates as I couldn't miss an important business trip just only to find a plane with no dogs or cats on it.
So, I can tell everyone not to use TURKISH AIRLINES as they will never help you. They will treat you improperly in all ways. Incompetent staff with rude manner of dealling with customers. There is an arrogant customer relations managers. It's me who ask them to calm down (usually, it's opposite). I just decided to stay away from this company. I will never use them again. I changed my flight to other airline company, even though I got some inconvenience.
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there is more on their website. but they only allow a certain # of pets in cabin as well as cargo. (although i would think they would take more than 1 in cargo)

Turkish air only allows a certain number of pets in the cabin as well in the cargo
There are restrictions on the quantity and species of pets on our flights. For these reasons, a reservation is required for the carriage of such pets in the cabin.
The carriage of pets is regulated by each state’s laws related to the transportation of pets. Some states may not permit the transportation of pets. Please contact your Reservations or local Ticket Sales Office for detailed information
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My flight was booked for rare destination - from Damascus. Due to current unstable situation, all airline companies reduced their number of flights. I am sure it could not be possible so many people decided to travel with their pets with this particular flight. Even it could be possible, the staff should be more flexible: 2 dogs inside the cabine, and 1 dog in the luggage space. Only because of everywhere are dogs, Turkish could not allow any another animal to travel with their owners. Why they can't be flexible in case a particular person asks for this flight and not to collect all pets in order to allow other types of animal to travel as well. It's just a logical task, which describes a professional level of Turkish Airlines staff. It seemed to me there were no any dogs for this flight at all. There were different reasons to reject. It means, I need to leave my lovely pet alone, at the streets, to be in time with my business meetings. It's not a good service the airline company could provide for their customers. That's why I prefered another company which approved my cat on board.
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You want them to either:

A). Change their company policy to accommodate your cat or
B). Inconvenience other customers who had booked their animals onto the flight

They rightly refused to do so, so with no evidence whatsoever, you decide they are lying and don't really have any animals on the aircraft and are just being nasty for no reason.

You are neurotic and nuts!
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Well, jimworcs, it's quite precise to tell you are neurotic for sure if such an issue brought you to post impolite response.
I didn't ask any company to change their policy. All I wanted to say that the staff was rude (just like you), unprofessional. And if they could not assist, so it means, there is a significant lack of service.

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