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Default 31 hour 50 min transit due to airline mistakes

Dr karim M. Adel booking reference HWB65N
I had a huge complain against what happened during the flight 926 CAI DXB, and then 857 DXB KWI
after boarding we get stuck inside the plane due to bad weather for nearly 5 hours with no any kind of food or drink or even water and they didn’t want to provide any thing under the reason of “we are boarding we cant offer anything” even we didn’t get back to the gate as the pilot claimed that he cant see any thing , on the contrary of his claims other flight was able to get back to the gate ; air France made its way back to the gate and took care of her passengers very well
After 4 hours of waiting they get the green light to board, I could noticed clearly that the crew gathered for small meeting we their Russian mastermind as it seems to be they decided that they have the upper hand over the company and they will not take care of us any more as they had the upper hand to decide if they will fly or us, regardless their duty towards the passengers , giving the reason that their flying license had been expired; they underestimated the passengers mind and considered us simply stupid to believe this fake story, in any flying license there is permissible time for such delays; lets say if the one way flight takes 4 hours , the license is issued for 12 hours making in count for going and return flight plus extra time for any delays, also the license could be renewed or extended by the main airline company on such circumstances,
So after nearly 5 hours stuck in the plane we was returned to the gate ,waiting for a new crew to come in the next flight which will arrive at 10.30 am so it is 5 hours inside the plane and exactly less than 6 hours inside the airport so it was clearly calculated to be less than 6 hours so the airport officials cant report it, once we returned back to the gate we thought the they will be at least some food and drink or even water ; we were not asking for luxury hotel to sleep ,but it seems that emirates airline only take care for her business class a 1st class passengers which was send to the lounge to eat, sleep and take some rest, while all the other economy class and even families with small children will be sacrificed to save some money, your airport ground team was clearly not experienced do deal with the situation, was clearly not co operative to deal with the tired hungry and angry passengers, they need to be changed immediately as they provide us with wrong information and wrong promises, 1st Mr Ghareeb who was completely unable in deal with the situation, rude, unpolite, didn’t have any respect toward the passengers and uncooperative, he simply refused any demand from any passenger and the only information he was giving to any passenger that” this is the situation you like or not and if you didn’t like we can cancel your ticket and request you luggage for you “
After 5 hours inside the plane, we spent another more than 6 hours on the airport metal chairs and some passengers were sleeping on the ground with no care or concern regarding us, no food or drink or even a water bottle as the emirates officer Mr Mohamed claims he cant request any thing from the Cairo airport as he don’t have authority over it (this what he said exactly) but e can only take care of the business class and 1st class as he immediately admit them to the pearl lounge to have rest and . A small sandwich, water bottle and canned juice arrived after 2 hours from staying near the gate.
(I paid 400 LE to stay in the pearl lounge a,,, )
we gave a promise that the flight will take off 11.30 am, but I didn’t fly until it was 12,30 pm
Mr mohamed the Emirati officer in charge insured to me that officers in DXB has prepared everything for us, starting from another reservation for my misconnection which will be as early as possible even if they had to change the reservation to any other partner airlines, also he promised and ensured that there will be a very good taking care for the accommodation as there will be a hotel booking for the transit passengers to insure their rest and comfortability.

Once we reached at DXB another chapter of humiliation was started but in a larger scale
An Emirati airline employee was standing on the gate he refuse to answer any question, Mr Ahmed, the only thing he had is our new boarding pass for the upcoming flight which will be the next day after 21 hours , when we asked him where to stay and we need to sleep and have some rest and a shower , his answer was a voucher for a happy meal from McDonald’s, he said “this is the only thing will be offer to you, take it or not, it is up to you we will not do more than that”.
I informed him that I (personally) had a promise and insured that there will be an accommodation an appreciation for my patience for all this mistakes that had been happened to me, he left me and hide behind the desk.
I search for him again and I informed him that there was a KLM flight that will depart 10 hours earlier, and as KLM is partner with emirates I asked him to change my booking to this flight, Mr ahmed and his supervisor Mr Adnan refused to show and stayed inside the office and keep me waiting for 30 min outside the desks to answer my questions, at the end of the very long conversation, as I am a maxillofacial surgeon in MOH Kuwait and I have operations under general anesthesia and I need to be in Kuwait ASAP, also my non show to the working will be considered a violation that will cost me 4 days deduction of my salary the promise that they will check with KLM to transfer my booking to them and they asked my to wait not before 10 pm, where to rest , where to sleep, where to take shower and eat,,,, they didn’t give an answer, only the voucher I had,
It seemed to be that they gave me this time (after 10 pm) so they would finished their duties and leaving me with no solution to start with another session of (seeking my rights) with Mr Alla officer in charge , who also was about to finish his duty and handled the whole issue to Mr Seif who also didn’t offer me any thing , just repeating wards , wait, we cant do any thing at the mean time,
One of the emirate employee (lady) at the B18 information desk, clearly and directly said to me “don’t not threaten us by going to civil aviation as they can’t do anything to us and then you will lose our negotiation and we will not offer you anything) this was what I have been told exactly by her with no any kind of care or a little concern to my situation and seeking for my rights
As I had no kind of concern from your staff or even a little help ,I decided that your airline is less than any other airline and I didn’t worth the money I paid to feel comfortable,
I paid for my own rest with my credit and I tried to access sleep, n fly but unfortunately I could find a vacancy till from 11 pm 11.30 am

Simply I request for a compensation for the humiliation i get by your staff in Cairo and in Dubai,
Compensation for the money I paid for eating and rest in Cairo and in Dubai
Compensation for missing my work which cost me 4 days salary deduction
Compensation for 31 hour and 50 min transit which was supposed to be only 7 hours and 50 min
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Your report is one among thousands of similar cases.The only way to have a human treatment by Emirates (and others) is to abide by a law defending its passengers.As long as the justice court of the A E U does not issue a law similar to the one of E U,do not expect any respect from Emirates.
Old Jan 30, 2022, 2:51 AM
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Default No issue unless a law is enforced

Do not expect any change in the policy of Emirates (and others) until the time a law similar to the one of E U is In force.
Demand this law to the government.

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