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Angry Etihad's Customer Service doesn't help customer at all.

my frustrating experience with Etihad has dragged for 3 months and nothing as close to the decency as Etihad tries to promote about themselves has ever been put into action from day one.

Etihad doubled charged me when I booked the tickets first, then after my repeated complaint, they imposed a NO-GO ban on me without any clarification and explanation as retaliation, and there is absolutely NO way to reach any Etihad staff. what they have done is they hired a team of telephone agents to deal with routines and conveniently hide themselves behind of unpenetrable walls of emails so that they can wait as long as they want to in terms of responding to any complaints, if they ever want to respond.
Now this NO-GO ban was really nasty as it practically prevent me from using the tickets that I have purchased from Etihad indefinitely. Eventually after numerous complaint by emails and phone calls for over a month, the ban was lifted and I could reschedule my flight, but this whole month of ignorance to my case has cost me my vacation and I can NOT use these tickets any more.

When I tried to complain and make them understand my issue caused ENTIRELY by Etihad, they replied 3 times after my 50 emails and online complaint, basically saying that the double charged ticket fare was temporarily used for "Single Authorization purpose" --- which is crazy financial scam as they locked the money behind of the bank, without letting me know, without any notification, and they didn't release the fund until i have started to complaint!!!! Imagine this: If i never discovered this duplicated charge and complained, they probably keep the money in silence!!!!

and this Customer Relationship Officer did Nothing but to defend Ethiad's various teams by making excuses after excuses, for one purpose only: the airline company can make any many mistakes as they can, but her job as the airline's customer relationship officer is to push off all these responsibilities and mistreat Etihad's customer. I guess her job description requires nothing to serve the customers but many good criteria to be irresponsible and super defensive for the Airline, for anything including the mistakes made by Etihad. her Job is to cover up the fact that this airline company Etihad could mistreat its customer in anyway it wishes to, and then hide behind emails and ignore any complaints, eventually don't have to be responsible for any nuisance caused by itself.

what a great airline!!! I hope that any one reading this didn't have to go through the same humiliation and frustration as I have.
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I have a suspicion, only a guess mind you, that Ethiad placed a hold on your credit card for a specified amount and miss charged under a different authorization number causing your funds to be held.
This hold will automatically expire.
Guess # 2 Then you were rude and aggressive towards the staff and they refused to deal with you as is their right as employees.
Then.... well from there re-read your post.
If I am correct I am surprised you didn't end up with a restraining order. Or is that an American thing?
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I was't rude at all when I called their telephone agent! I was never able to speak to anybody who might be in the position for me to get angry with at all!! Etihad has this coward customer service firewall ---- customers don't get to speak to who is responsible for what has been done, only get to speak to phone agent, who will relay your message to the "concerned department" by email later.

They put me on this No-go Ban under the pretext of Dispute with the bank, without any explanation or clarification, just like that. For a month I called their phone agent everyday begging to get these tickets rescheduled. It was ridiculous.
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For a month I called their phone agent everyday begging to get these tickets rescheduled

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