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new flyer here....a couple very short questions

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Old Jul 16, 2014, 6:41 AM
glennjridge glennjridge is offline
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now that I will have to be flying alot more due to my job, I have a couple quick questions....I could look them up online but its better to get feedback from people who been thru it all.

lets say I am running late...and coming down the ramp and RIGHT AT the door as they close it....say I'm too out of breath to it a myth that they absolutily cannot open it once closed? I mean if I there the milisecond it closes...can they just pop it open quick and scoot me in?

and lets a small city airport, not a big one.....I get my luggage checked in...and it gets on the plane....and via some security incident or somerthing I get to the gate seconds after they close the door....would they fly with my luggage on the plane...but not me? in this day and age of terrorism...wouldnt it be in their best let me on the plane to essencially connect me with my luggage as it were rather than a pilot taking off knowing there is the bowels of the plane..not with a passanger? wouldnt that possibly make them hold the plane if I was right at the gate even though they closed the door because personally if I was a pilot..I would want to make sure that person who had luggage on the plane is there with it. and if it did fly without me, would the airport it lands in hold it for me?

remember I am flying out of a small airport....syracuse,ny, not a large one.

also...and this is a bit cheeky....but I have to there any "tactic" anyone has tried...a ploy if you will, to change the mind of the crew to re-open a door and it was succesful? you know, like say...something...X and they were taken in by it and did something they usually wouldnt do like call the pilot and say...hold up hold up..can you let this guy on?

any help with these would be much appreciated as these might be an occurence I might face.THANKS!

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Old Jul 20, 2014, 11:12 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Once the manifest is completed, they are unlikely to let you on. They don't wait to take the bags off until the door is closed. If you have failed to show, the baggage handlers start looking for your bags. Once they have found it and removed it, then they close the door and you are off it. In Europe, your bag will not fly with you in the aircraft and I am sure it is the same in the US.
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Old Jul 21, 2014, 3:05 AM
The_Judge The_Judge is offline
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In America, on a domestic flight, your bag will fly to it's checked destination. Internationally, it obviously will be removed.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Old Aug 19, 2014, 2:32 PM
GiGeeTee GiGeeTee is offline
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Originally Posted by The_Judge View Post
In America, on a domestic flight, your bag will fly to it's checked destination. Internationally, it obviously will be removed.

ye this is true. And it never is much of a problem if your luggage flies without you, as it will just come right back on the next flight. They are usually pretty speedy
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