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adguta2 11:19 AM Jul 3, 2017
Dear Customer Service:

I was supposed to fly with my family on June 14 from Chicago to Zurich (Swiss Confirmation Code 57O44R). I received the flight cancellation email around noon with “NO” information on alternate flight options. I called the customer service and they put us on a flight to Brussels with a 50 min connection to Zurich. The flight from Chicago got delayed, so we missed the connection from Brussels. They put us on a 2PM (around) flight. When we reached Zurich, we were told that 3 out of 4 checked items didn’t make it. After spending three hours filing reports of missed bags, we couldn’t find a direct train to Wengen. After changing three trains we reached Wengen around 1 in the morning. In other words, more than 12 hours after we were originally supposed to. If you have kids, you will understand that travelling with 3 and 7 year olds is not easy and if you add 12 more hours to the journey, that makes it even more stressful. Two of the items that didn’t arrive were the stroller and child carrier for my 3-year-old. The items were delivered after more than “48” hours, which was 1/3 of our vacation time. We were in the mountains hiking, so I had to carry my three 3-year-old on my shoulder all the time. I have developed shoulder pain and excruciating pain in my left foot toes. We didn’t buy the stroller or carrier in Switzerland because we were told that they wouldn’t be refunded. We had to spend almost half our first day shopping for clothes (we were refunded for our clothes at the airport which I appreciate). So, instead of having a good time we spent half our day in places like Migros. This was our most stressful vacation.

Aman Gupta
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