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COMPLAINT: Enough with the speeches

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Old Feb 13, 2008, 10:21 PM
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Ok, we all get it people. Fasten the seatbelt, put out the cigarette, bla bla. This whole speech that every airline does is redundant, lame and completely outdated. I mean, with security so strict, how in the hell am I supposed to smoke on a plane without a LIGHTER?????????

Nevermind that though, what about the joking. I am treated like a 3 year old with the "leave your seatbelt on until the captain says it's ok to take it off" crap, look....I am an ADULT, and I will decide my fate on my own thank you, I don't need seatbelt lessons. I don't stand in the aisle during takeoff and landing, so i think I'll be fine.

Then there's the has to be turned off like 3 hours before we land now...look people, an Ipod is NOT going to bring the ****ing plane down!

Instead of harassing me and my Ipod, go catch some actual terrorists..I'm just flying to work!

Now, for the worst part...the jokes! My phone is a BlackBerry, not a blueberry or a strawberry and you calling it a different fruit over the speaker at 6am is NOT funny in any way. I have to act serious with my Ipod, you can act serious during the 25 minute speech you give every time we all fly.

The bathroom is small....WE GET IT, no need for your lame attempt at a joke here either ok?? The "lavatory" or as I call it, the bathroom is actually not the size of my cell phone, so stop trying to be funny, because it's not working.

Look, let me on the plane, make all of the other idiots sit their ass down in less than 2 hours, and let's go already. No speeches, no attempt at jokes and leave me alone with my Ipod, it's not hurting anything, and I don't care to hear the screaming brat behind me. It's bad enough I have to smell the goddamn farts being cut by what seems to be 85% of people who ride this particular airline anyway..

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