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Have you had any problems with Continental's Customer Service? Have Continental employees treated you poorly?

Customer Service
I just want an airline that stands by their word

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Old Jun 15, 2018, 9:31 PM
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Here is my issue:
1.) My seat on a United flight from Houston to London experienced an audio system failure. I was sitting next to a sick man and a crying baby. I was certainly annoyed that Unitedís entertainment system failed to work and crew were unable to offer back up unit as other airlines typically do or a change in seat, or even a free drink.
2.) So, I purchased wi-fi ($17.99) so i would have something to do for eight hours. The wi-fi also failed to work leaving me no recourse or options. Also very annoyed that they made me pay for something that was not functioning.
3.) a United flight attendant offered $150 in miles which i was going to happily accept until she advised me otherwise and assured me i would receive a refund on my wi-fi purchase and additional miles if I waited to deal with customer service when I landed. I take the United employees word, to be the companies word.
4.) the incident report sent by a United staff member never came through as promised to my email address. I did double check that she was sending it to the correct address, in which I received all of my other correspondence from United Airlines.
5.) I never received anything so I reported it to United customer service directly. Their customer service offered me significantly less than the flight crew said was standard for an entertainment systems failure issue on an overseas flight.
6.) I am unable to receive a wi-fi refund because of the manner in which United processes payment and receipts- also a responsibility by united airlines.
7.) after a week of correspondence customer service continues to refer to it as a wi-fi failure and offered $75 mileage certificate as compensation, a full $150 less than flight crew advised i should receive as a matter of bare minimum.
8.) My customer Service representative refused to let me speak to a manager or higher up official. She was rude, dismissive and did nothing to help me resolve the issue.

So even though i was incredibly polite, accommodating and understanding on the matter and dealt with the countless other distractions on the flight with negativity my only fault in the scenario was sitting in the seat chosen for me by United Airlines.

All I really want is United to honor your word and to stand by the word of your employees. Having no entertainment for an eight hour flight wasn't nearly as frustrating with the total lack of empathy or respect I have received from their customer service team. I was perfectly fine with the $150 in United cash, that they then reneged on the offer is what infuriates me.
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