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Thumbs down Spirit Airlines

I have never felt compelled to complain about an airline in my life, but flying with Spirit Airlines was one of the worst experiences I've ever had while traveling.

First of all, this airline may seem somewhat cheap, but they find other ways to get your money. They charge you for each bag you check each leg of the trip. If you choose to pay at the airport, I believe it costs $10-$20 per bag, however, online is a bit cheaper. I traveled with 10 friends, and each one of our cards was charged twice for our online payment for our bags, only to receive receipts from the airline which showed we only paid for our bags one way. When we attempted to resolve this situation with Spirit Airlines representatives over the phone, they were no help and in fact, laughed at one member of our party for trying to fix these problems.

When you arrive to the airport, the lines for Spirit Airlines are some of the longest you will find, more than likely, this is linked to the bag charges/incorrect bag charges/complaints. My friends and I waited in line for over 1 hour to check our bags and get our boarding passes. Then once through security, the board and apparently Spirit's website, showed our flight was delayed, so we went to get something to eat, only to find out the flight was right on time.

Then once on the plane, every single beverage (including water) and snack, is PURCHASE only. And the best part is, you cannot use cash, you must charge your $2 water to your credit card. Also, most of the seats do not recline and there is very little leg room.

There were a multitude of other smaller problems, many of which include customer service issues, but the bottom line is, I would HIGHLY suggest never using Spirit Airlines, and I know myself and my travel companions never will again.

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yep!! that's ultra low cost for you! honestly it's what i would expect from them.
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I live in Atlantic City and using Spirit Air was a real blessing when they first came to ACY. Over the last 7 years I've used them once or twice every year especially to Orlando where I take my daughter often. I've never had a serious problem with any of my flights yet. The one thing that I've noticed and also all of my family and friends have noticed is that this Company is losing the interest of many of the customers in this area. More and more I hear and talk to people who will make the extra journey to Philadelphia to get on Southwest or United so they don't have to pay the extra 100 bucks per flight in extra costs for 2 people to travel with 2 bags. I'll be honest, I used another air carrier in April 2008 instead of Spirit for the first time in years. The reason was simple....the extra costs outweighed the final cost of the Southwest flight out of Philadelphia. I've booked a flight with Spirit for December to Ft. Lauderdale for the 2 of us and I'm only doing that because the cruise ship leaves from Port Everglades.
To finalize this I just want to say that I'm really not complaining about any of my flights with Spirit but they are starting to lose practically all of the people who I know take them religiously. Have a good day everyone and I'll see ya on the beach somewhere in the carribbean. Raise a drink in the air for me next time Jimmy Buffet or Bob Marley is playing in the background.

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