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Default US Airways fees...

I booked a supposed non-refundable flight through US Airways several months ago to New York for an Ireland trip honeymoon that left out of JKF. The two tickets cost roughly $150 each.

I booked through studentuniverse .com and actually can't find anything stating a non-refundable ticket. I see this as I am checking out on the website.

There are Change Fees and other restrictions imposed by the airline on this ticket.

StudentUniverse charges an additional fee for changes and cancellations (if applicable) of $50.00. This is in addition to any fees charged by the airline.

So actually I thought I would be charged a $50 fee plus the $20 tax and fee if I cancelled it.

A week ago my father had some unforeseen medical expenses so we cancelled the ireland trip (to save money, I paid insurance for the trip and lost $150) and planned on a trip to Florida instead.

It was 21 days until the flight. I called Student Universe the first time they told me they were non-refundable. Then I asked for the opportunity to use the tickets for future use, and was informed there was a $200 fee to cancel or change the flights.....Ok..I said let me see what else I can do and disconnected with the sales rep. I called US Airways later that day and spoke with a lady, she told me the exact same information except the fee was only $150.

Later that night I emailed the executives. Here is what I sent them.

Hello, my name is Derek XXXXXX and I purchased 2 tickets from XXXXXXXXX to New York for my honeymoon trip to Ireland that departed in New York.

My father had some unexpected medical bills that they needed help with, so I had to cancel the Ireland trip (which I did have $150 insurace that I lost, but is understandable).

I called US Airways Customer service and told them the situation and they informed me of $150 fee per ticket if I wish to use the tickets for future use. The tickets only cost me $168 ($147+$20.30 tax and fee). I would love to have the opportunity to use the tickets on another day.

My airline reservation is XXXXXX

Derek A Busler

Thank you for your time.

I was called back by the office (she told me they intercept the executives emails before it gets to them). Her name was Tiffany. She told me the same information. She told me since it was a non refundable ticket there is a fee associated with it. I offered to pay what I felt was a more reasonable fee, maybe $50 per ticket. She told me the fees were non negotiable and helping family members with finances were not enough to waive the fee. She said there would need to be a life threatening situation between the ticket holders (me or my future wife) for the fee to be waived. I even asked if I can give the ticket to someone else? No, they're non transferable. She told me anything I do to change the ticket I will be left with a credit of $17 and change (after the $150 fee). I thanked her for calling me back and we disconnected.

She also sent me a return Email.

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations at US Airways. We appreciate this opportunity to respond to your concerns.

The Customer Relations Office responds on behalf Ms. Eberwein and all of our Corporate Officers. Our office is not only empowered to respond to the needs and concerns of our customers on their behalf, but also shares those comments with the appropriate management teams. This method has proven very successful; in fact, many of our current policies, procedures, and positive changes are a direct result of customer feedback.

I’m sorry you’re disappointed with the terms and conditions associated with your recent ticket purchase. As you may know, non-refundable tickets present the most economical fares. However, they are among the more restrictive tickets. Because you have a non-refundable ticket, a change fee applies along with any potential additional fare. If the new fare for travel is less than the unused credit, there is no residual value left on your ticket. Tickets retain their monetary value for one year from the date of issue and your ticket was issued on February 12, 2013.

Thanks for taking the time to talk to me today. Per our conversation, I'm sorry I am unable to honor your request to waive the change fees on your tickets to New York.

We appreciate the time you took to contact us regarding this matter Mr. XXXXXX Above all, we appreciate your business and look forward to serving you on a future US Airways flight.


Tiffany XXXXX
Representative, Customer Relations
US Airways Corporate Office

I tried to think, what else can I do to come out better on my end? I can't get a refund without a fee, I coudln't get the fee waived, I couldn't rebook the flight without a fee, I can't sell the ticket, I can't even give the ticket away.

So now I am here, trying to think of what else I can do.

As for now the only other plan I have is to cancel the tickets the day before (just to hope US Airways loses money on selling another ticket before the flight) and take the hit and receives $17.00 credit.

If there are any helpful suggestions I am all ears.

Thank you.

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