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Exclamation Weapon and Ammunition Flyer Beware

I have flown AA for years and on my return flight from Indianapolis I declared the weapon and ammo, as required by TSA and AA the ticket agent wanted to inspect it which I allowed. The weapon was in a hardened locked container with the ammo in another hardened locked container in a magazine which is in compliance with TSA rules. The ammo was taken by the ticket agent "because it was not in the original container or packaging that the ammunition came in, that's American Airlines Policy."
I flew the same trip last year with no issues using TSA guidelines.
For those that carry a weapon in your baggage DO NOT fly AA!
Customer services was useless when on the phone as " that is AA policy and we will not reimburse you for the ammo".
Apparently for AA it is better to lose thousands of dollars over 30.00 worth of ammunition.
Customer service is a joke at best, to bad there's not a hotline or email for the CEO of AA.
I will never fly AA again, there are other airlines that don't hassle you over carrying a firearm and ammunition in checked baggage
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Gunsmith, owner, collector here. No airline will allow you to travel with ammunition not originally packaged. Gun ownership is about sweating the details and understanding what is allowed and what is not and complying. You had mentioned you packed your guns in "hardened" cases which you confuse for "hard shell" as a hardened case would weigh hundreds of pounds. Again, its about sweating the details when you fly with weapons, apparently you don't. Don't blame AA its your mistake.
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As for sweating the details about gun ownership I have sweat 26 years worth active duty in the US Army by being shot at! You are correct on hardened case verses shell, it was a harden shell. Your reply is one that appears that you work for the airline industry as "Airline Sympathizer"
I followed the TSA rules which is what we are required to do, but the loophole of allowing airlines to set their own rules causes confusion.
Bottom line is simple the airlines to ask the question when you purchase a ticket online are you a carrying and if so direct the consumer to where the airline policy is. Flying is frustrating enough without the hassle and airline employees that have absolutely no courtesy towards the customers who pays their salaries.
Do not lecture people about sweating the details when flying with a weapon or other items on planes, if you are that great about sweating the details you may possibly find a job with the TSA to help airlines clarify their policies at the TSA site. I talked to an operations manager at our airport this morning about the issue now he found out the airport has a problem also since TSA does allow ammunition in the magazine in the hard shell case separate from the firearm. Makes one wonder how many more have the same issue/problem.

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