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COMPLAINT: Delta policy of not seating families together

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Old Mar 31, 2012, 4:42 PM
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Three out of four legs of my round trip from BWI to FL Delta would not allow me to sit beside my wife. They claim change of equipment which is deltaspeak for trying to gouge us for more money to sit next to our travel companions. They charge a reservation fee for every other row which intentionally is designed to not allow people to sit next to each other. This is going too far and violates the latest regulation on fee transparency, and presents a safety issue and unhappy customers. There was a parent behind me whose kids were at the front of the bus and spouse several rows behind. If I treated my customers this way I would be out of business. I will not use this airline again. This is why I don't fly anymore unless absolutely necessary.
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Old Apr 2, 2012, 4:49 AM
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When the equipment changes, people's seats are automatically reassigned. Sometimes when people book reservations, for whatever reason they book them separately under different records. The computer has no way of knowing that you are supposed to sit together, so your seats are not placed together.

When the flight is full, it's impossible to get everyone seated together but they do their best. You should check at the gate about 40 minutes prior to scheduled departure and see if the agent there can do anything. Sometimes they have access to blocked seats.

Or, you could pay the fee to switch to a preferred seat ahead of time.

And you are incorrect about the fee for every other row; Delta charges for "preferred seats" These are window and aisle seats towards the front of the aircraft. You can pay extra if you want a preferred seat. Only half of the aircraft are preferred seats; if you don't see other seats available, it's because other people have already reserved those seats and it's a pretty full flight. Again, it's hard to get everyone together when it's a full flight.
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Old Apr 2, 2012, 6:20 AM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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This new method of gouging fees from people is a tax on families. If a parent wants to sit with their child they are forced to pay extra fees. It is outrageous and this policy will result, sooner or later, in something bad happending.

For example, a low income parent who cannot afford the fees and gambles that the gate agent will be able to help them be seated next to their child, finds that the flight is completely full and people who previously would have been willing to swap to help them seat together, are no longer willing to do so, because they have "paid" for their preferred seat.

The child is therefore seated next to a stranger. Delta is relying on this stranger not being a sexual predator, being willing to assist the child in the event of sudden decompression and/or facing the parent, in an emergency trying to find their child and blocking the rapid egress from the aircraft. This is a dangerous and short sighted policy and is discrimination against families. It is corporate blackmail to tell a parent, pay extra or we will separate you from your child. Imagine any other service provider saying that and see if you find that acceptable. Disney charging extra to guarantee children sit next to their parent on rides, cinemas charging extra to seat the child next to their parent, etc. It is a ridiculous policy and should be scrapped. The sooner this morally bankrupt industry is re-regulated the better.
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Old Apr 2, 2012, 10:24 AM
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It's an absolutely pathetic strategy that Delta is using. My wife, my son (12 years old) and I have recently traveled to Madrid from Tampa via Atlanta and have paid the extra fare for "economy plus". We had printed boarding passes showing the seats together for all legs of the travel and Delta's computer system was not acknowledging our extra payment (confirmed by an email received from Delta customer service a day before the travel commenced - they did acknowledge after extensive effort). The gate agents were absolutely nonchalant. Why would they allow us to print Boarding passes on the day of travel with a specific seat number and change that only at the gate as we are physically boarding. In three of the four legs of travel the stated "equipment" was not changed - delta speak had that excuse. If they don't want to accept the stated (lower) fare, they should not accept the reservation and payment for the same. What they are doing is worse than bait and switch. I have a "foreign" last name...who knows...I am glad Delta is not my preferred airline - though I have traveled more than 250,000 miles on Delta in the past.
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