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Emirates Complaints>Shocking downgrading & refund
candidpax 10:46 AM Apr 12, 2017
On 2015 January & February, I made a journey on EMIRATES.

I had booked this journey in FIRST CLASS from CDG > DXB > CMB > DXB > LYS (from PARIS to COLOMBO and return to LYON after a stopover in DUBAI). On the two (not the same day) return flights from CMB to DXB (2015 February 12) and from DXB to LYS (2015 February 19), EMIRATES made aircraft swaps (without warning and without any technical reason). EMIRATES put a 2 cabins B 777-300 (BIZ & ECO) instead of 3 cabins B 777-300 (FIRST, BIZ, & ECO).

So, I was downgraded twice (at different days and on different flights). I asked EMIRATES the refund of the difference of fares (half one of the difference of the ticket prices between FIRST and BIZ as half of the journey had been downgraded). Ticket price difference (FIRST / BIZ with A / I fare basis first letter code) was 2 000 € (about 1 950 $) for the whole journey.

So I asked EMIRATES a refund of 1 000 € (about 950 $). EMIRATES denied it and made a refund of only 500 € (about 425 $). EMIRATES explained they gave also loyalty skywards for the " inconvenience ". I did not wanted any loyalty skywards but the correct refund. Thanks god : I had kept some screen copies of the day (2014 October 2) of my booking (when I checked prices in FIRST and BUSINESS).

The affair lasted some eighteen months ! I had to send the case in French court. A the end, on 2016 December 16, the French court in PARIS (Juridiction de Proximit้ of PARIS 8) stated that EMIRATES was guilty and had to refund the actual difference of fares (total of 1 000 € as I asked). As EMIRATES had refund 500 € the court sentenced EMIRATES to pay 500 € (500 € + 500 € = 1 000 €). EMIRATES, too, was condemned to pay for part of my expenses to rule the case in court '(as I live at some 700 kilometers from PARIS I had to booked high sped train tickets and hotel night).

While studying this affair, I discovered (on many web forums) how EMIRATES tried not to refund a fair fare difference to its passengers and customers when downgrading them.

Also, I discovered that EMIRATES seemed to have shocking aircraft swaps when EMIRATES had in mind that there are too few FIRST CLASS passengers scheduled (booked) on the involved flights.

The whole story is here :

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