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Delta Air Lines Complaints>8 hour delay and counting
msua420 6:03 PM Aug 5, 2013
Delta Flight 1183 from Norfolk, VA to Atlanta delayed by 8 hours and still counting due to maintenance. They literally had 3 guys with screwdrivers on a ladder poking at the flaps on the tail of the aircraft. Missed my 89 year-old mother going in to surgery. Delta offered a $6 "meal" voucher and a $50 voucher good on Delta the next time we fly. Are you serious? Over 8 hours and you come in with $50 for those who complain? Here's a news flash--next time I fly, it won't be with Delta!
Kaly03 11:29 AM Oct 26, 2013
Well, this type of things are so disgusting and annoying. Anyone can loose their customers like this way..
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