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COMPLAINT: WHY.....the door closed when you are right there hurts so much

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Old Jul 15, 2014, 6:14 AM
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I think I understand the psychology and feelings behind the anger regarding the "closed door while you are right there" thing.

I think there is a sort of primal fear of being essencially a sort of death psychologically.....cast adrift while others you were supposed to be with are "safe" and heading to your and thiers destination....a heaven... if you will. you imagine them sitting there joking with each other and relaxing safe with the pretty stewardesses that closed the door on you and left you are unworthy....and tossed you in world of chaos..and panic and fear....unwilling to turn a handle and throw you a lifeline .....when you are still saveable should the whim hit these women...... at that point right near the door...but they wont do it for you.

and now...heading back to the now have to sort of get back in good graces of the gate agents...hoping they will show mercy and help you get on another flight.

the flight attendants threw you away with hardly a thought.....and this new set has that power also to make it be a financial AND time disaster for you.doubly soul destroying.

nobody likes to feel like the guy who has no seat when the music stops.
I think thats why it bothers so many.

personally I think there needs to be an app for this. the way I see it, the most dangeorus time, is your run to the might be steps away...but to them you might as well be outside the airport in a car....THEY DONT KNOW...which is why I think there should be some sort of app or something that can give them a heads up you arent outside the airport, but around the freakin corner booking to the gate. so HOLD the door just for half a minute.
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