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US Air Cancelled Flight Mechanical Issue

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Old Oct 15, 2014, 7:00 PM
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On August 23 we had reservations on a flight from PIT to BTV flying thru PHL. PIT to PHL (790) arrived on time 6:43AM and the connecting flight (4601) was to leave for BTV at 7:35 AM. 4601 was delayed until 8:34 AM due to operating behind schedule due to maintenance affecting a prior flight. I did recieved a text message with that information. When we returned to the gate around 8:00 AM the board said the flight was cancelled (I did not recieve a text message with that information). As there were no agents at the gate, I had to wait in a very long customer service line and we were informed that we were rebooked on a flight leaving at 8:55 PM. We asked the customer service representative if there were any other alternatives, and she said we could try to fly standby on the 5 flights leaving for BTV. We asked if there was any compensation as it was mechanical, and not weather related, and she said no - only if it was more than a 9 hour delay - the rebooking was more than a 12 hour delay. We did eventually get on an earlier standby flight, but we still arrived at BTV more than 9 hours after the booked flight. I send an email to the US Airways Customer Service to let them know I never recieved a text message that the flight was cancelled, and that I was very displeased with the customer service during all of the rebookings we had to attempt to fly out earlier. It has been over a month and US Airways has never responded.
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