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Spirit Airlines Complaints>Proud to have bad customer service
nospiritair 3:56 PM Apr 16, 2012
Spirit is in denial. I booked last minute from a popular discount website that had no mention of the ridiculous carry on baggage fee. So I too was taken by the last minute up charge for an overhead carry on bag.

That doesnt irritate me as much as sitting on hold for hours to be disconnected and then finally reach an agent that I couldnt understand and he couldnt understand me. He did finally process my $35 baggage fee but it did not show up on my boarding pass so I didnt get assigned to the correct boarding zone and the agent tried to tell me that I couldnt bring my bag onboard without paying. After a brief argument and showing the receipt that I printed from the airlines web site, they did let me bring my bag.

I dont feel as though they give a darn about me and I can assure you that I will never put my life in their hands again. Attached is their response to my complaint, they defend themselves to the end and dont want to improve as I see it.

Regards, NoSpiritAir

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04/15/2012 03:44 PM

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your correspondence with Spirit Airlines.

I apologize if you experienced difficulty while attempting to obtain information or assistance from a reservation agent. Our professional and courteous agents are not only capable but also dedicated to assisting our customers secure and manage their travel plans. They are highly versed in company policy and provide excellent service to our valued customers.

Your complaint about our pricing structure, is in fact a business model that offers its patrons options. While other airlines structure their fares to cover the cost of amenities, whether or not they are used, Spirit Airlines charges for transportation and offers "extras" as options. Upon viewing the terms and conditions a customer will learn that our seat fees, baggage fees, snacks and beverages are completely optional. For example, if a passenger opts not to pre-select their seat at the time of booking, one will be assigned at the airport, upon check-in, at no additional charge. The same applies to carry-on baggage; we have offered options for them as well.

We ensure our customers are making an informed choice for their air travel by clearly displaying our Travel Policies on our web site, . A customer is invited to review all of our policies before securing their reservations.

We will strive to continue to offer affordable travel to our valued customer and to those who recognize the inherent value of paying separately for only the options they choose. We provide safe, reliable and economical air travel options to the flying public and are committed to offering quality customer service and ensuring that experiences are positive. I am sorry you feel your experience with us does not measure up to the standards we strive to achieve.

Thank you,

Corporate Customer Relations
Spirit Airlines, Inc.

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04/14/2012 08:57 AM

I have spent almost two hours waiting on hold to be disconnected and finally reach an agent with such a thick accent that I had to have him spell out what he was trying to tell me. Between this and the ridiculous carry on baggage fee I can assure you that your airline will not be a future choice for me.
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