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Lufthansa Complaints>Lufthanza refuses to waive change fee / fare recalculation for girl with head injury
fourwinds 10:10 PM Mar 25, 2017
My daughter booked a Lufthansa flight fm London-Hawaii 3 weeks ago. She's young; of course she got a cheap flight-directly with them. Haven't seen her for 18 mths so we were both looking forward to this so much. 3 days ago she sustained a concussion & cannot fly next week. I called and spoke to a Manager in Ontario today March 24th 2017 and she basically told me that with "that fare basis". they cannot waive the change fee or the "recalculated fare" and that if we didn't rebook the flight giving a specific date before her flight on March 28th, she would lose the value of the ticket completely. Also, the change fee is BP130 and the fare would have to be recalculated and it would be unlikely she would get the same deal. I said, we don't know when she will be able to fly.. she has a HEAD INJURY and has to have an MRI. "We cannot waive the change fee". WOW. I don't care what the ticket says, this is immoral. If they don't agree to waive the change fee & recalculation, I will do a PR campaign that will get their attention plus I'm calling Lufthansa head office Cologne on Monday morning

Allow my daughter to fly at the same fare basis anytime before the end of this year, or certainly 6 months and without a change fee and at the same fare basis. You were very keen to sell her the ticket.

It's time the big airlines stop putting profits before people.
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