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Angry RACISM AND RUDENESS at Charles de Gaulle EMIRATES Costumer Service

To whom it may concern:I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied with the service I received from employees of Fly Emirates at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris. My flight EK071 was released on April 2, 2016 for Paris, however, was delayed nearly two hours, causing my companion and I lose our connection to Mexico.When viewing Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 of the European Parliament and of the Council Establishing common rules on compensation and assistance to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delay of flights, and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 295/91 (Text with EEA relevance) - Commission Statement, in addition to consulting on two different modules of information within the airport, we realized that according to Article 6 and Article 9, it was the duty of the airline to reschedule the flights to our destination as soon as possible, in addition to providing lodging and food in case the next flight releases the next day.For this reason, we headed to the module Customer Service Fly Emirates at Terminal 2 of CDG. We tried to explain the situation, however, the first thing we received were shouts of the "supervisor on duty" who told us of an arrogant and rude manner that they were going to solve the problem and that we should left the Costumer Service because it was not their duty to reschedule the flight, even though it was the airline's fault the delay and our missed connection.I tried to talk to one of the employees, who ignored me and started talking with his partner on the right. I repeated that the airline policies and regulations of the European Union was right to get our flight to our final destination. He began to treat me saying Fly Emirates was not responsible for our missed connections and in no way would obtain other flights to Mexico. I repeated the clerk that I already knew the policies and it was not my invention or decision but a legal obligation.After a discussion of more than an hour he began to curse in French, saying things like "Putain!" Every time I wanted to talk to him, and also he said "Je ne supporte pas!" and "Je ne peux pas!” to their partners in the right, ignoring me and not wanting to print me new destination tickets.

Upon hearing the obscenities that the employee said in my face, I said in French that I also understood that language, and that I knew what he was saying to his companions. Surprised, she stopped cursing but still would not solve the problem. Being already annoyed by his arrogance and rudeness, I told him he worked in Customer Service and thath he should listen to me to solve the situation, and that otherwise I would seek some authority to make me listen.Enraged, he said he was already looking for tickets to Mexico, but that would be until the next day. I replied that if that was the closest there was no problem, but according to official regulations, the airline must provide lodging and meals for that night, to which the clerk laughed at me and said "so were Mexicans."After insisting for another hour, the employee gave me a handwritten broken where "Pentahotel" said in paper, and he said there was a reservation and we should left. I replied that generally a voucher printed official airline is granted, not a handwritten paper. He turned to bother and told me then wait for the supervisor because he did not want to treat me. It is noteworthy that the supervisor (who did not show) was the one who greeted me from the beginning and I shouted that would not help me there.The employee turned me shouting that I sit somewhere else because he did not want “to see me in front," I said “please give me an official voucher”, to which printed computer the same message in written paper, although he sealed and signed. I thanked him in French and he replied with a mockingly "De naida! De naida!” (you are welcome, in spanish), laughing and making fun of me with his partner.I said I needed his name because he did not have a name tag to identify him but he yelled that he was not giving it to me and that I should left there. I said I needed his name to make a report to the airline and at that time the employee snatched me the signed paper with the hotel data of my hands and he lifted it in front of me and he began to break it in the front of my face.

I took my ipad at that time and I began to take pictures of the situation as being an unidentified employee thought it best to send him a photograph directly to Fly Emirates Costumer Care Online.Realizing he left his place and wanted to take my ipad, threatening to call the police. I waited several minutes, but he was yelling to me, so at that moment I left the place (with no official document to my lodging or food).I can not imagine how this employee represents a very important company as Fly Emirates at an airport such as CDG. The employee used demeaning, racist and rude comments against us, and even cursing in their language, thinking that I did not understand. Fortunately I can understand French and English plus my mother language, but I can imagine how difficult it would be for people who speak Spanish or are Latin to communicate with employees so poorly trained, arrogant, racist and vulgar like him. You should definitely reconsider having employees like this in a department as Customer Service, especially when dealing with such a large and important as CDG airport.I also want to say that accommodation itself and the hotel service was excellent, plus we got a dinner. Services within the plane of Fly Emirates and the flight attendants was also very good, however, I will never use or recommend the services of the airline, as this is an experience I never want to happen again. I attach to this links the pictures of the employee who refused to identify himself with his name: If you require any further information, feel free to contact me. I look forward to your reply.
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I may have missed it, but I don't think that the flight was listed as EMIRATES and you don't tell us how the tickets were booked.
If the tickets were not booked through EMIRATES or booked on a EMIRATES flight they have no responsibility too you after you reach your destination, as on the Emirates ticket.
So I think you made a fool of yourself and made life a living hell for some poor underpaid counter person that had no power to accommodate you.

IF I AM WRONG (it has happened before) you need to file your complaint with the appropriate authorities. You know this because you read the regulations. But say nothing about what they said.
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Why in the world would you take a photo of someone? You may have have an issue with them and you may be right (or wrong) but respect their privacy, geesh!
As to your onward ticket to Mexico, as Sidewaysrob indicated if it wasn't built on the same PNR (ticketed through Emirates) you are on your own, which would make your rant wrong.
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