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Default Incompetent Frontier gate agent/process

This pertains to my Frontier flight from Sacramento to Denver (3pm flight, #228, on Aug 2). I was traveling with my family, and each of us had a roll-aboard carry-on and a backpack. Exactly the allowed "1 carry-on and 1 personal item". My wife and daugher even took extra pains to stuff their purses into their backpacks, so that they wouldn't have a 3rd item (unlike may other passengers, who broke this rule but were allowed to board regardless). I had already boarded, and was wondering what was taking the rest of my family so long. My daughter eventually got on the plane, and told me that the Frontier gate agent had stopped my son, and told him he had to gate-check his carry-on. This was a normal, regulation-size rolling carry-on, which we have used countless times in the past, and which most definitely DOES fit in the overhead bin (it is designed specifically to fit there). So I had to make my way back out of the plane up the jetway (inconveniencing the other passengers, and delaying the plane's departure),and out to the gate to find out what the problem was. The lady was extremely rude to me, kept yelling at me that getting off the plane was a "security violation" (why??), and seemed totally not interested in my simple question as to why this carry-on was not being allowed on board (MANY other passengers had carryons at least as big, and bigger, and this lady let them through just fine). Nevertheless, this rude agent ignored me, and attached a pink gate check tag to the bag, and told my son he had to gate check it. Naturally, as soon as I was back in the jetway with the bag, I removed the tag and ripped it up, and brought the bag into the plane, where it fit perfectly in the ample overhead space, as I knew it would. This woman was rude, and worse, clearly didn't know her job (how could she not realize that this was a regulation-size carry-on bag, and would easily fit in the overhead??). Plus, we were far from the last people to board, so there was AMPLE overhead bin space still open for use. Frontier needs to make sure their people know how to do their jobs (it's not unreasonable to ask that a gate agent know and understand luggage sizes!) and also how to be courteous to paying customers (who are, after all, their boss).

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some agents....(if the flight is full) will automatically start gate checking bags to speed up the boarding process and that way when the final people get on with their bags, and there is no more room they wont have to walk all the way up the aisle. you aren't suppose to get off the plane and go up to the gate for securtiy reasons...(i was taught this in training when i was a CSA) this has happend to me too, but i really dont care. if EVERYBODY brought a standard carry on there wouldnt be enough room so some WILL be gate checked. I guess im just not seeing a big deal to getting my bag gate checked...but thats just my opinion.
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oh...if you were part of the first few on or close to half then, no i wouldnt have and she probably shouldnt have gate checked your carryons. if you were near the end or about half way then i can understand why she did
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Was it too heavy? According to Frontier's baggage information the maximum carry-on weight is 35 lbs. That's pretty generous. Some airlines maximum weight is 20 lbs. Maybe the gate agent thought it was overpacked and/or overweight.
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The lady was extremely rude to me, kept yelling at me that getting off the plane was a "security violation" (why??),
I'm not sure, but I think it's because you could have left a bomb on the plane and then run off.

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