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lazza63 10:21 PM Sep 22, 2011
I had a bad experience in July 2011, when attempting to check my son aboard a scheduled flight from Launceston to Canberra.
The ground staff had closed the flight early "At their discretion", although the check in signs for the flight were still flashing.
No 'final' boarding calls were placed for my Son, we were waiting at check in while the person was "Upselling" a cash ticket for some other customers.
After waiting 15 minutes for this to finish, we were then told that we had missed the flight.
I become agitated and wanted my son put on the flight, this person was not going to compromise. This person then advised me that the best they could do was book my son on the next flight, at 6.05am the next morning, but of course this would cost me another $50.00.
We live a considerable distance from the airport and only just made it the next morning for my son to catch his flight.
Then I found out that this flight had 'scheduled maintenance' and he was forced to wait 3 hours in Melbourne Airport.
It has taken from July to September to receive the tired old excuses from the airline complaints department that it is always the customers fault.
Well this customer will ENSURE that members of his family will no longer choose Virgin Airlines (of any country) for travel.
I am sick and tired of being mistreated by big business, especially this airline.
Without customers, you dont fly, without flying you have no business
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