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Default damaged luggage

i flew from Las Vegas to Eugene via Seattle and Portland on Alaska/Horizon. (4/25) Always had excellent service with these folks EXCEPT my luggage tags have always been stolen! i am legally blind and i need something to make my bag recognizable, so this in mind i have a bright green bag besides these crazy luggage tags. Well, this time not only was my tag stolen (again!) but my bag was ripped open and crushed-like the metal frame was bent to heck and the fabric was pulling away from the interior plus this huge RIP- 9"! Thankfully nothing was missing but now i have trouble getting a new bag! i was told i would be given a bag that Alaska ordered for me-still not here and i fly back home in a week. No one answers my calls at Mahlon Sweet field. i have been really nice about this, but frankly now i am ANGRY! No calls/no zip! i was really brilliant this year and shipped all my little stuff UPS-otherwise it would have all been lost outta the rip! What do i do? i never was given an offer of payment for the bag, just that they would order me one. Initially they tried to give me 2 carry-on size bags in exchange-i laughed, and told them i wasn't gonna pay twice the baggage fees! Any suggestions from anyone? i have flown Alaska for many years-2-3 times a year, but still i'm re-thinkin' my loyalty....

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