COMPLAINT: Egypt Air - Lost Baggage Complaint

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Old Jun 21, 2008, 10:13 PM
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Dear Sir,
1. I had been on deputation to the UNITED NATIONS MISSION in Ethiopia & Eritrea.

2. I had flown out from INDIA by Emirates Air from New Delhi to Dubai, to, Cairo. At Cairo, I changed my flight to Egypt Air, to fly to Asmara, the duty station. Baggage was through check-in from New Delhi to Asmara(Eritrea).

3. Egypt Air Flt details are MS-0883 on 20 Dec 2006. Baggage Tag No EK-157211.

4. EK-157211 -This was tag of the suitcase, which contained maximum of my personal items.

5. In Cairo airport, as I had changed over to Egypt Air from Emirates, I requested the airport authorities to see my baggage. However they assured me that I dont need to worry and that my baggage will be transferred to their flight.

6. When I landed at Asmara airport, I was shocked to see the baggage missing. I immediatly informed the Egypt Air authorities at the airport and they also searched for the same. However after nearly an hour, they told me that the baggage was missing. I asked them to file my loss complaint/statement. They said that their counter was closed and that I need to file the same with the Airport authorities. They asked me to submit my loss complaint in their office at Asmara. I

7. I filed my complaint with the Asmara airport authorities for which they issued me a receipt.

8. I filed my loss complaint to the Egypt Air office at Asmara, which was duly receipted by Mr Solomon.

9. Meanwhile I kept constant touch with the Amara Airport authorities, regarding recovery of my baggage.

10. On 19 Feb 2007, when i gave a call to the lost baggage deptt at Asmara Airport, I was informed that my baggae has arrived. I immediatly went to the Asmara airport and requested for the baggage. To my utter surprise and disbelief, I found my baggage to be completely broken and empty.

11. I immediatly called Egypt Air office at Asmara and told them of the same. They told me that I should collect the broken empty baggage and deposit the same at their office.

12. I got the endorsement done on the Lost Baggage complaint by mr Berake, incharge of the Lost Baggage dept at Asmara Airport.

13. I then went and handed over the broken empty baggage to the Egypt Air office at Asmara, The baggage was handed over to Mr Ahmed personnaly on 19 Feb 2007.

14. Inspite of several reminders on phone, written complaints and numerous emails, Egypt Air, Asmara have not shown any concern for redressal or ealry compensation for the broken and empty baggage. It is sad that such pilferage occurs on international flights as well as these airlines have no concern for the harrases passangers.

15. Further, inspite of my warning to them of legal action, they have failed to react to the same.

16. As I am now back in India,post completion of my tenure of deputation, all the more a reson for the Egypt Air authorities at Asmara to take things callously. My only hope of redressal is now your office. It is requested that action be taken against the airline for causing harrassment and psychological stress, as well as an early redressal of my grievence be done.
17. I have all the documents as proof of my above mentioned complaint.
There was a loss of $995/- ( Rs 40,000/-) approx as under ( as on 20 Dec 2006).

1. VIP Suitcase Maxima- $ 100/-
2. Apple I-Pod - $ 250/-
3. Bose Headphone - $ 175/-
4. Digital Cell charger- $ 45/-
5. Ni-MH Rechargeable cells - $10/-
6. BPL Worldspace radio - $ 150/-
7. Sanyo emergency light - $ 50/-
8. Parker Pen set - $ 25/-
9. Blank DVD RW - $ 20/-
10.Clothes and inner Garments - $ 170/-
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Old Sep 27, 2008, 10:10 AM
g.van tuyll g.van tuyll is offline
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i took a business class flight return flight with egypt air from Geneva to Johannesburg.
jul19 gva-joburg
aug 22 joburg-gva

comments on the flight cairo to joburg
the electrical chairs were not functioning as they should and i could not sleep because of that reason . i complained to the steward.

comments about the flight from joburg to cairo
it struck me during the flight that the toilet had a wet and dirty floor which was not cleaned during he flight.
i happened to sit in the same chair as on the way to joburg. this was more than 1 month later. the chair was still the same and nothing repaired.i inquired with some more passengers. they had similar problems.

being a new star-alliance member, egypt air should improve its act.

now a good thing:
the food from cairo to geneva was excellent.

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Old Oct 2, 2008, 8:09 AM
Silent Bob Silent Bob is offline
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Hey Guy, I don't think you'll get a refund if all those electronics were in your bag, and your really nor supposed to pack it anyway. The reason the airlines won't accept responsibility may be 1) they don't cover electronics (not supposed to pack it in your check luggage) and 2) so many hands are in the cookie jar. Meaning it could be any number of people who may have went through or damage your bag, and conisdering you were in transit well that's way too many hands. If you do get something, that's great. Good luck.
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