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Default Rude flight attendant riduculed me

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is Maria Fernandes I would like for to know a situation I have encounter on Southwest Airlines.

Our flight 2033 had engine problems leaving Philadelphia. Engine two wouldn’t start . The flight attendants were very comforting and professional. We switched planes. The whole process delayed us about an hour. My compliments to your airline.

Our return flight was another story. We decided to seat in the exit seat for more room. Dan a flight attendant ask my daughter her age because of seat requirement. She hesitated

Because she is having a birthday soon . Dan was annoyed with her. She is fifteen years old. My husband had to use the bathroom mean while Dan asked what I would like to drink. I reponsed “ coffee” he asked me cream and sugar I said “Black” . Dan returned with coffee that had cream and sugar I told Dan that I thought I asked for black coffee.

He insisted that I asked for cream and sugar. I said, “ You must of misunderstood me, but I don’t drink coffee with cream and sugar. He was very annoyed at me and walked to the back of the plane complaining about the passenger who doesn’t know what she wants. It

Just happen that my husband heard the whole thing in the bathroom. My husband returned to his seat and said, “The flight attendant is really ****** off at a lady for coffee”

That when I let him know that was me. Dan did bring my coffee back. As we were leaving the plane Dan again pointed me out to the rest of the flight attendants.

On August 21 I called your customer service and spoke to Anna Gomez who instructed how to file a complaint.

First, some people are afraid to fly your staff has to be sensitive to that fact and not every Trip is a happy one I just had left my son in school and was upset. But most important with everything going on about air safety is it worth getting into an argument in the skies over CREAM and SUGAR. I feel it’s ridiculous that have to write a letter about this. Sir, we are all lucky that I did the right thing by ignoring Dan and not saying anything . I realized the importance of being in the air and not causing any problems. I

Don’t think you or I would of like the publicize of an argument over cream and sugar. Even if I said yes to cream and sugar what about the customer is always right?

In closing it’s everybody obligation to keep our sky safe. This includes lots of patience from the passenger all the way up to the president to the US. I would like a response to my letter.


Maria Fernandes
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