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COMPLAINT: Receipts for Baggage Check-In Fee

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Old Sep 15, 2010, 2:36 AM
TimH TimH is offline
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Delta need to figure out that it's 2010 and there is NO reason for them to REQUIRE that people snail-mail a request to them and wait 10 days to get their receipts in the mail. When I booked my flight my printer was broken and I couldn't print my receipt for my baggage checked-luggage fee. To my amazement, despite the fact that this is not the 1980s and I did all my transactions over the web, YOU CAN'T GET DELTA TO SEND YOU A RECEIPT OVER THE WEB and they didn't email me a copy of the receipt.

Also, on my return journey, I checked-in at the airport and they didn't give me a receipt for the baggage checked-luggage fee. Great.

Since the company I work for REQUIRES receipts to claim your expenses, and they also REQUIRE that the expenses get claimed before the bill becomes due at end of month, I have to either subsidize my company for the baggage fee, or the late fee, or rescind the charge off my credit card and wait for the receipts to arrive so I can claim them once the receipts turn up and the charges re-appear on my card.

Alternatively, Delta could WAKE UP and realize that it's 2010 and if the consumer makes a booking over the web, THEY SHOULD BE ABLE TO PRINT A RECEIPT OVER THE WEB even after the fact because hey, printers break, people!

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Old Sep 15, 2010, 8:25 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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Change airlines.. Delta are truly appalling... THEY COULD CARE LESS.
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Old Sep 15, 2010, 8:45 PM
The_Judge The_Judge is offline
Former Airline Employee (NOT OFFICIAL REP)
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Which means they care some, right? If they didn't care at all then you should be saying......They COULDN'T care less. That would mean they don't care at all.

Yes......I'm as pedantic as they come.
Yes, the rules and policies favor the airlines unfairly. I do not dispute that.
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Old Sep 15, 2010, 9:02 PM
jimworcs jimworcs is offline
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You are quite right Troy.. I like a bit of pedantry myself....
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Old Apr 26, 2011, 1:01 AM
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Hi, all~

Google sent me here, and for anyone else that happens to I just wanted to post an update and say that, as of April 2011, it's still the case that you'll need to snail mail a request to Delta if you'd like a copy of your baggage receipt.

The address is:

Statistics and Records
P.O. Box 20519
Department 819
Atlanta, GA 30320-2519

They require your ticket # (13 digit number, currently starting with '0062'), a signature from the passenger who used the ticket, and an address to send the copy of the receipt to.

...if you're viewing this thread a year from now, you'll likely want to contact Delta online chat support to verify that the above address is still current.

- Nathan
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Old May 16, 2011, 3:13 PM
gvegastiger gvegastiger is offline
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Here is what you can do to get a copy of your receipt emailed to you:

Call 1-800-221-1212 and follow the voice prompts to get to a Representative. Give them your flight number and date, verify your identify and give them your email address and they can email it to you.

I just had to do this and in 10 minutes I had a copy of my receipt.
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Old Jun 1, 2011, 5:56 PM
uschav uschav is offline
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I recently had the same problem. I emailed [email protected] with the airport origin, date of travel, and the passenger name; alternatively you can give them the baggage claim ticket number, but if you didn't save the receipt, why would you save that. It took about a day to receive the receipts.
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Old Sep 2, 2011, 1:33 AM
Arch Stanton Arch Stanton is offline
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I called the 1-800-221-1212 number per gvegastiger (thanks!) and it works as promised. Within one minute I got an email copy of my baggage claim receipt. Have your 13 digit (e-ticket?) number ready. It's the one that starts with 006...
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